Here’s our first look at John Simm in The World and Enough Time

Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen, on the ‘Next Time’ trailer for Doctor Who series 10, episode 11 – The World and Enough Time.

Coming up next week is the first part of the two-part, Rachel Talalay directed, finale of season 10 of Doctor Who. If that wasn’t exciting enough, it pretty much looks like it’s going to be a Missy-fest. We can’t wait to be honest.

Here, for your delectation, is the ‘Next Time’ trailer shown at the end of tonight’s episode – ‘The Eaters of Light’. We’ll have more from the episode over the next week, but for now feast your eyes on Missy running rampage and a brief look at John Simm’s return.

You can read our spoiler-filled review of The Eaters of Light here. Or, you can check out our spoiler-free thoughts here.

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