Doctor Who Annual 2019 up for preorder, November release date, cover revealed

Even as remnants of Easter eggs lie around the place, there are people burrowing away on things that are set to arrive in the shops this Christmas. That firmly includes this year’s Doctor Who annual too, that’s set to go on sale in November.

Originally planned for October, there’s been a slight delay, and it’s now out in November. You can preorder it here.

As spotted by Girly Letters on Twitter, the annual has a listings page already at the Book Depository website, and the description seems to confirm that we’re getting a very different TARDIS, and that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor will be getting a new sonic screwdriver too.

Here’s the synopsis…

The Doctor Who Annual 2019 will be an incredible insight into the Thirteenth Doctor and her first journey in time and space. There will be an all-new TARDIS to explore, alien tech to examine (with a brand-new sonic screwdriver) and monsters to defeat.

You’ll learn all about the Doctor’s friends, and have their help along the way, as you solve puzzles, examine fact files on the Doctor’s enemies, and read exciting comic-strips and stories. There will be exclusive secrets from the last series, and a look ahead at what’s to come for the Thirteenth Doctor.

A must-read for all Doctor Who fans, old and new.

The annual will be 64 pages long, and the listing can be found here.