Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh’s character name, filming latest

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Bradley Walsh confirms that he starts filming Doctor Who this week…

Bradley Walsh is on the promotional tour for his new album at the moment, and over the weekend, he headed to Sunday Brunch to chat about it.

While on the show, the subject of Doctor Who inevitably bubbled up, and Walsh confirmed that he was about to start work in earnest on the show. “I am in Doctor Who, yeah”, he said. “That starts next week sometime. We’ve all met”.

He still seems to be quite in the dark on his role, though. When the hosts of the show joked that they thought he was set to be a Dalek, Walsh replied saying “no, no, no. My character’s name is Graham, and that’s all they’ve told me”.

At the start of the weekend, Walsh also appeared on The One Show, and admitted that he didn’t have to audition for his Doctor Who role. You can read more about that, here.

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