Electric Dreams: Channel 4 reveals details of remaining episodes

The acclaimed anthology series Electric Dreams completes its first season run on Channel 4 starting in early 2018, and details have been confirmed of the four more instalments. They are: (with Channel 4’s official descriptions)…


Starring Juno Temple. In this episode, despite society and the world as we know it having collapsed, a massive, automatic product-manufacturing factory continues to operate according to the principles of consumerism – humans consume products to be happy, and in order to consume continuously, they must be denied freedom of choice and free will. When a small band of rebels decide to shut down the factory, they discover they may actually be the perfect consumers after all.

The episode is directed by Peter Horton (Grey’s Anatomy, American Odyssey, Thirtysomething) and written by Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim, Clash of The Titans).


Starring Greg Kinnear

In this episode, the world is under attack as aliens quietly invade our homes. Charlie, played by Jack Gore (Billions), our young hero must make the most difficult decisions imaginable to protect his Mother, played by Mireille Enos (The Catch, The Killing, World War Z) and the human race, as he is among the first to realise that humans are being replaced by dangerous monsters.

The episode is written and directed by Emmy award winner Michael Dinner (Sneaky Pete, Justified,The Wonder Years) who also serves as executive producer on the series.


Starring Annalise Basso.

A small-town girl Forster Lee, played by Basso, already gripped with social anxiety, moves to a big futuristic city with her mother Irene Lee, played by Tierney. Exposed for the first time to urban society’s emphasis on security and terrorist prevention, it isn’t long before her school days are consumed by fear and paranoia. She soon finds guidance and companionship in the most unexpected of places.

The episode is written by Kalen Egan (The Man In The High Castle) & Travis Sentell (Believer with Reza Aslan) and directed by Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Terminator Genisys).


Starring Mel Rodriguez and Vera Farmiga.

A man hangs dead from a lamppost, apparently murdered and inexplicably ignored by passersby, after a politician, known as The Candidate, played by Vera Farmiga, makes a shocking statement encouraging violence. When one average man, Philbert Noyce, played by Rodriguez, dares to question the situation he becomes an instant target.

The episode is written and directed by Dee Rees (Mudbound, Bessie).


An actual transmission date hasn’t yet been confirmed for these, just that the episodes will land in “early 2018”. All are, of course, based on short stories from the pen of the late, great Philip K Dick.