Elizabeth Is Missing: hit novel being adapted for new BBC drama

Emma Healey’s best-selling novel Elizabeth Is Missing won acclaim and success for its tough storyline, that follows a central character – Maud – trying to find out what’s happened to her best friend. That best friend is Elizabeth, as you might have guessed, and Maud tries to solve the mystery of her disappearance, whilst battling her own worsening dementia.

Emma Healey’s book has now been picked up for an adaptation by the BBC, that’s looking to turn it into a 90 minute drama.

Andrea Gibb is penning the script for the BBC take on the novel, that’s going to be overseen by STV Productions. Gibb will be executive producer, alongside Sarah Brown, Elizabeth Kilgarriff and Gaynor Holmes.

No word yet on casting, or transmission ate. More as we hear it…

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