10 best video streaming apps and services

There’s one thing that remains the same whether it is 2016 or 2017, and that is our love for movies and TV shows.

We’re constantly looking for new content to stay entertained; it’s almost like boredom is our kryptonite. Hence the huge, virtually endless market that YouTube tapped into. There are a lot more options we now have, with a myriad of features that enhance your video streaming services. There are already a ton of apps and services, and more keep surfacing every few months.

It can be overwhelming, in fact, to go through all those apps and try them all out. So we made a selection of some of the best apps and services you could try out.



You’ve already heard of Netflix I’m sure. The app has been hugely popular, and has bagged as many as 33 Emmys, along with 2 Golden Globes and 6 Peabodys. Even the app has scored a Webby award in 2014 for Best User Experience. Netflix has several subscription plans you can get on an annual or monthly basis, and you get to watch unlimited movies and TV shows on the website as well as via the app, using just your internet connection. Netflix also has HD video streaming and even 4K UHD video streaming you can enjoy, along with some highly appreciated original entertainment like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Arrow.

Similar apps and services: Hulu (only in USA), Crackle.



Vidmate is not exactly a video streaming service, but it is an amazing media search engine that can find you the movies, TV shows, music videos, documentaries and anime you want to watch without having to navigate obscure websites or dodge clickbait and advertisements. You get the videos you want to watch, ready to stream with just one tap. In addition, it also allows you to download those videos for later. It can be installed over Android devices using the apk file.

Similar apps and Services: Tubemate, Videoder


Snag Films

A lot of us are supremely put off by trope laden entertainment that Hollywood typically churns out. Snag Films is the perfect service to use to stay away from boredom, in this case. The service also has its own app available for a variety of devices, and has an admirable collection of movie titles. You can find African and Korean cinema as well as Bollywood, documentaries on musicians, nature, movies on lgbt issues and subjects and also movies with famous actors that went by without notice. The service also has features it makes on its home page based on what’s going on in the world at that time; you’ll find a lot of Christmas movies in December, for example, and a lot more queer themed movies during Pride month. It’s pretty amazing to have content recommendations every little time. Also, the content is free to watch if you don’t mind a few ads here and there. You can of course pay for the pro version to remove those ads.

Similar apps: Videoder (for Anime), Tubi TV



ShowBox app makes quick work of your boredom. Access your favorite movies, TV shows and other entertainment without much effort. Downloading the app is simple, using the apk file as with Vidmate. The app uses your internet connection to stream videos from its content library, which is pretty expansive, even with Netflix in comparison. Download, Chromecast or just simply play the movie to your device. The app works for all popular OS, which is pretty tough to find in apps streaming free entertainment. The app also has subtitles in all major languages you can use, as well as multiple resolutions you can select from. If torrent is allowed in your country, you can get the link directly from this ShowBox APK file.


Similar apps: Terrarium TV (Even more movies!), Cartoon HD (for animation fans).