Colin Morgan: ‘Huge changes for Merlin in Series 4’

Merlin star Colin Morgan, who plays the fantasy drama’s titular hero, has revealed that the show’s fourth series has some “fantastic storylines coming up”.

Morgan told CultBox: “There’s huge changes for Merlin in Series 4. I’m not sure how much I can say as we’ve literally only just got the scripts! But I think it’s clear that Camelot is heading in a new direction and the characters’ arcs are starting to take their place.”

He added: “We’ve got some fantastic storylines coming up on the fourth series; we’ve just got scripts for the first three episodes through and it’s hugely exciting.”

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A brand new Merlin attraction opens at Warwick Castle next month. The line-up for the launch of Merlin: The Dragon Tower includes stars Richard Wilson (Gauis), Anthony Head (King Uther), Angel Coulby (Gwen) and Katie McGrath (Morgana).

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