‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary soundtrack album announced

Day Of The Doctor

Silva Screen have revealed that a new Doctor Who soundtrack album featuring Murray Gold’s music from ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and ‘The Time of the Doctor’ will be released next month.

The 2-CD album will be available from Monday 24 November with reversible covers.

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50th anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor’ aired last November and Matt Smith’s final episode, ‘The Time of the Doctor’, aired last Christmas.


The full tracklisting for the album is as follows:

Disc 1

1. I.M Foreman
2. Will There Be Cocktails?
3. It’s Him (The Majestic Tale)
4. He Was There
5. No More
6. The War Room
7. Footprints In The Sand
8. Who Are You
9. England 1562
10. Nice Horse
11. The Fez And The Portal
12. Two Doctors
13. Three Doctors
14. Somewhere To Hide
15. Rescue The Doctor
16. 2.47 Billion
17. Zygon In The Painting
18. Man And Wife
19. We Don’t Need To Land
20. We Are The Doctors
21. The Moment Has Come
22. This Time There’s Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale)
23. Song For Four/Home

Disc 2

1. The Message
2. Handles
3. The Dance Of The Naked Doctor
4. You Saved It
5. Papal Mainframe
6. Tasha Lemm
7. Bedroom Talk
8. The Mission
9. Christmas
10. The Crack
11. Rhapsody Of War
12. Back To Christmas
13. Snow Over Trenzalore (Song For Four)
14. Beginning Of The End
15. This Is How It Ends
16. Never Tell Me The Rules
17. Trenzalore/The Long Song/I Am Information (Reprise)
18. Hello Twelve

Doctor Who Time of the Doctor Amy

Season 8 continues on BBC One this weekend with ‘Dark Water’.

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What was your favourite bit of music in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and ‘The Time of the Doctor’? Let us know below…

  • Blank

    Since almost all of the music from ‘Day of the Doctor’ was reused from previous episodes, I’m guessing a lot of tracks are just getting new names…

    • Who Is FoxInTheBox?

      Day actually had quite a bit of new music, it’s just that about half of it was remixes of older tracks.
      There’s original stuff in there too, there’s the Zygon theme, the music that plays during the Screwdriver scene in the Tower of London, the three Doctors meeting etc

  • Simon Bromley

    There are about three theme arrangements now that haven’t been featured on the soundtracks. It’s getting really frustrating. :/