‘Doctor Who’ exec Moffat confirms Capaldi is staying for Season 10

Steven Moffat has announced that Peter Capaldi will definitely be back for a third season of Doctor Who next year.

Capaldi joined the show as the Twelfth Doctor in 2013 and his second season is currently airing on BBC One.

Asked to give an update on Season 10‘s casting, Moffat told Variety: “Peter Capaldi is going nowhere.”

Doctor Who the Zygon Invasion Peter Capaldi Twelfth

Steven Moffat revealed earlier this week: “I’m just embarking on the new [season] and it’s terrifying. I have to make all that again.”

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What are your hopes for Season 10? Let us know below…

  • Timothy Fosseen

    I would like them to do an origin story for the Cybermen on Mondas. Show how they become the Cybermen and have the Doctor either try to prevent it or try to keep them from eliminating their emotions somehow

  • Charlton

    Moffat talking about how everything will be better than before or terrifying or whatever is like listening to a child who believes this story they’ve written is the best thing ever

  • Good to have this news confirmed. Capaldi is wonderful as Doctor 12 and has yet to do a bad scene. We are truly blessed to have him involved with this show at the moment. Hopefully we can make the logical connection that this means Moffat will stick around too? Moffat & Capaldi is a dream team in every sense of the phrase.

  • Ella

    Great news. He is a fantastic Doctor.

  • Margarethe

    The show has never been better and as the author of the Variety article says, Moffat has taken it to a new level (not surprising that in so many non-UK articles it is assumed Moffat has always been the showrunner as his stamp on the show is so indelible).
    Capaldi and Moffat this year have just knocked everything out of the park. Tonight’s episode was the best yet in a series overflowing with episodes that sit easily in the best the show has ever had. It’s great that we are back with a show of intelligence, ambition, seriously good writing and seriously good acting. Thankfully the dark days of Davies’ ludicrous farting aliens and paving slab sex and a doctor more interested in preening and chatting up young women are long gone. The show has never been so full of life and potential and never been in better hands. Long may they continue and after tonight’s episode, think I’d be very happy with Peter Harness taking over the reins and perhaps Moffat is already looking at him as his apprentice.

    • Andrew Middleton

      A total of thirty seconds, ten years ago. Get over it, for the sake of your health.

  • Daniel

    As much as I adored Matt, have to admit Peter this series even surpasses the incredibly high standard we had from the 11th Doctor. Show is on fire this year – every episode so far is either great or brilliant. I agree that Harness might be lined up by Moffat as new showrunner. Tonight was great and I loved Kill the Moon as well, so would be happy with that. Peter Capaldi, though, must absolutely stay. Not so much as a single bad line reading to date – extraordinarily good in the role.

  • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

    Isn’t it a bit early to be predicting Harness as the next showrunner? He’s only written 2 stories so far. Most people seemed to slag off his first episode (no logic in the ending). Although his latest story is good so far.

  • Luke Plaizier

    I’d like a modern tour of the Tardis please. And to finally get to see the bloody pool.

    • You’re describing series seven episode ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’ and there’s no need to revisit that one again.

      • bar

        ain’t that the truth. worth visiting K towers again though – schroedinger’s comments section recovering.

      • Luke Plaizier

        No I am not. Yes there is.

  • Linsie

    My hope would be for moffat to step down and davies return or just have someone else take over….thought he was supposed to have his last season as either this season or the one before….yet he is still here….

    • Ella

      I hope Davies will never return. He will be forever remembered as the one who brought DW back, however his lovey-dovey puppy eyed Doctor and storylines are not what DW is about.

    • Mark S

      How many more times must this be said..? RTD. WILL. NOT. BE. BACK! Doctor Who eras are one and done. That’s it. RTD is done. End of.
      As for Moffat leaving? Who do you suppose would want to take over? A writer was approached a year ago as a potential showrunner, but turned it down. Wanna know why? Because of a minority of Dr Who fans disgusting treatment of Moffat on social media and boards like this. Insults and name-calling are juvenile and frankly unacceptable and sometimes makes me ashamed to be a Who fan. So to all those disappointed Moffat is in charge: Too bad! Get over it! If you don’t like it stop watching and complaining.

    • MargaretL

      Davies almost ruined the show by turning it into a romcom/Twighlight fantasy. Someone with a teenage girl’s sensibilty should not be in charge of a family drama. Fortunately the adults took over production when Davies left and we got a talented actor in the lead rather than a second rate hack.
      The show came back to life when Matt arrived and we’ve had a second renaissance with Peter. The show now appeals to all audiences – there’s fun stuff for the little ones, lots of knock about humour without the crudity Davies had (paving stone sex – urgghh), really gripping story lines, great monsters – old and new and best of all, an actor who takes the role seriously and has an amazing range from cool rock star to grumpy patrician. Writing this year is out of this world.
      Only deluded Tennant fangirls want a return by Davies. The show is going great guns and having Peter stay on when he must be offered literally dozens of other jobs is just the cherry on the cake.

      • Margarethe

        “Teenage girl’s sensibility” is about the funniest and most accurate thing I’ve seen to describe Davies’ time as showrunner. Sad but true. Grown ups certainly back in charge now and the sophistication and maturity of the writing show it. I think this pair of zygon episodes will go down as the most mature and confronting the show has ever attempted.

      • Guy Lambert

        “Almost ruined” = 13m viewers, Xmas Day 2007

  • Intothevervoid

    Tonight showed yet again why the Moffat- Capaldi collaboration is the best in the show’s history. Capaldi towers over his predecessors and Moffat has brought on writers like Harness and Tregenna to serve his potential. This series has been a tour-de-force for Capaldi and a welcome reminder that when Who is great as it has been this year, it’s the best thing on the tele.

  • Colin

    This news made my day. This season has been nothing short of incredible. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CAPALDI’S DOCTOR! He is such an amazing actor. Tennant is my all time favorite, Capaldi is right behind him, but I can easily say he is my spirit Doctor. I never thought I could relate to a Doctor as much as his lol. To me there has not be even a decent episode this season. Everything has been at least DAMN GOOD or better. I would love for Capaldi to stay at least 5 seasons. Whoever stopped watching Doctor Who because they didn’t think Capaldi was ugly or too old….GOOD RIDDANCE! They are missing out on some great TV.

  • MargaretL

    Great news. Capaldi has taken the show this year to another level. Best stories we’ve ever had I think. Zygon episode surely an all time classic. Peter deserves at least two or three more series as he is the most interesting doctor we’ve had and Peter just slays in the part. As long as the writing and production remains as great as it has been since the Christmas episode last year, the show and lead are in bloody great shape. Love the guitar and sunnies too.

    • Dennis Spears

      Its Capaldi that wanted out… No one else was pushing him.

    • jasonbasa

      really? I think the last two seasons have been the worst since it started back up again in 2005. I think season 5 was the pinnacle of the new series, then it started going down hill.

  • Glenn Harmon

    Good news Capaldi is back, bad news so is Moffat.