‘Doctor Who’ exec Steven Moffat confirms he’s staying for Series 9

Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat has confirmed that he will remain as Doctor Who‘s showrunner for at least another year.

Writing in his column in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat revealed: “Sitting here, right now, just before [Series 8’s] finale shooting block, I’ve figured out the cliffhanger to the penultimate episode of the next series.”

He teased: “And it’s a whopper. Ohh, I don’t think you’ll see this coming!”


Moffat took over the role in 2009 from previous showrunner Russell T Davies.

By completing five series with Series 9, Moffat will have exceeded Russell T Davies’ four-series tenure on Doctor Who.

Series 8 is currently filming in Cardiff and will begin airing on BBC One in August.

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Are you glad that Steven Moffat is staying for Series 9? Let us know below…

  • paper-ostrich

    Great news. In my view Moffat “gets” Doctor Who absolutely. Russell T Davies did too, but with a more populist, TV-executive-pleasing flavour which was absolutely essential in bringing in back successfully but he lacked a longer-term vision. Moffat’s stewardship during the fiftieth anniversary year was brilliant – he promised Doctor Who would “take over our televisions” and despite that being a huge promise, he fulfilled it.

    And besides, if you’d cast Peter Capaldi, why wouldn’t you want to stick around for more than a year to see his take on the Doctor?

    • Sheilaj

      absoluetly agree. While I can’t say I have ejoyed every moment of his time as showrunner, Moffat’s passion and love for the show shines through. Kudos for RTD for bringing it back but he was much more dilettantish, almost playing with the show like a toy and without any longer term vision. Moffat is much more rigorous in his vision and continually refining and inventing. Along with Matt Smith, he has made the show popular globally to an extent unimaginable in 2009 when he came on board. I am sure he will want to bed in his take on Doctor 12 with Capaldi before he leaves. Like him or not, Steven Moffat may be the most important person in British television in the last decade. I am very excited to where he may go next but please make this season as incredible as it is shaping up to be!

    • Sheilaj

      One area where Moffat’s era has stood head and shoulders above every other has been the casting. Moffat spotting Matt Smith’s latent genius is a thing of serendipidy, but all other key roles have been equally brilliant. Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman are all now household names and forging great careers here and in the US. Even the smallest of roles have been perfectly cast and look at the roster of talent in Series 8! Since Moffat has taken the show to greater popularity, it as become a must-do on some pretty impressive CVs.

  • John Smith

    Doctor Who is a science-fiction show, what I miss from the Moffat-era is the science part. I think he forgot about that the show had educational purposes formerly, and now it’s completely disappeared from it. It’s full of with emotions and fiction, but no science at all.

    • Jack Burrows

      I don’t think that’s what a Science-Fiction show directly needs. However, I must say I agree somewhat that since Moffat took over there has been a lack of educational content. I mean, I learnt a considerable amount about Historical characters under RTD. But, still, the show changes – as it must, and I think Moffat’s done a great job.

      • John Smith

        And I learnt Geography, too. I got a grade 5 in Geography lesson, just because I told what I saw on the show. And the show was great motivation for other subjects and scientific things in life, too. I agree with that Moffat did a great job, too, but, in his era the show has almost absolutely no science in it, and it is really disturbing.

        • Niel Thompson

          There wasn’t much science in RTD. Unless your technobabble is based on actual scientific principles, it’s magic. Essentially, the Doctor solved most of his problems through magic. I will agree that perhaps there was more history to be learned in the Davies era. I learned about Love Labours Lost and Won from the Shakespeare Code, but education was still very minimal with maybe one or two episodes that focused on a historical celebrity a year. I can agree that maybe the show is a little less educational, but I don’t think there’s really any less science in it. Moffat is just a bit more honest about the technobabble basically being gobbldeygook.

          • SteveF

            I agree. In fact there isn’t really much science in 90% of film and television Science Fiction – a few general principles or tropes, but mostly it’s ‘magic’. Literary sci-fi is different of course, but most viewers wouldnt embrace ‘hard science’ so the productions would fail to make a decent profit

  • hitherto

    Fantastic news 😀

    • Peterjpreston

      Sure is! Moffat may not have always been perfect (although Matt Smith was flawless as the doctor) but he is always a great story teller and writes to appeal to the entire family. And that is why he has made Who so popular around the world.

  • An Actual Good Samaritan

    At no point in all 34 seasons have I disliked DW more than during Moffats run. The ONLY thing I like about Moffats era is Clara. I hope Capaldis arc is not ruined by him too.

  • I was really hoping he’d leave soon. I’m not even sure what it is about him, but I’ve really not enjoyed DW since he took over. Especially since the Ponds left.

  • Kyle Copland

    I am so glad! As a big fan himself he understands what gets us buzzing! I loved the fairytale themes in the series’ of eleven but I’m excited for the gritty nature the looks to be Peter Capaldi. I really do hope that he stays for longer than just season nine. It’s at its peak just now. It’s really never been better. God do I want to know what the cliffhanger is!

    • martyjfly

      What has Moffat ever done for Who? Um, well he rescued it from the dire soap opera into which Davies had turned it, made it more about the doctor than the ego of the actor in the part *cough Tennant, no it’s not all about you, cough*, gave us Matt Smith who is without doubt the best actor to ever play the part , gave us companions who had wonderful character arcs, rather than one dimensional plot devices who exist to bat eyes at the ‘hot’ Doctor, created the scariest and greatest new monsters, got rid of childish farting aliens, wrote the show to respect the intelligence of all of the family, didn’t lazily resolve plots through a stupid wave of the hand or turning the doctor into a God or God-forbid Tinkerbell, didn’t create Mary Sues whose only purpose is to wuv the Doctor but instead feisty, strong female characters and lastly made it into the most successful it has ever been worldwide, both in terms of creativity and popularity. Oh, yeah and after letting the doctor regenerate with dignity and heroism, rather than as a whining selfish brat, gives us the incomparable Peter Capaldi, you know the multi award winning actor, to help us get over the superb Matt Smith.
      So, yeah, all of those Tennant fan girls are totally right, Moffat has ruined the show hasn’t he? I’ll just let him know when he finishes polishing all of his BAFTAs, Hugos and NTA awards and making room for all of the new ones Who is going to win for Series 8 with Capaldi at the helm, shall I?

      • ThePersonIAmReplyingToIsAMoron

        Matt Smith is the best actor to play the part? What have you been smoking?! He’s not a bad actor but he doesn’t touch Jon Pertwee, for sure, and very arguably the majority of other actors to play the role!

  • kennethdinkins

    Moffat gets Doctor Who the least. That should be clear after his comments that the Doctor is human and has never stated otherwise. Go watch ‘Pyramids of Mars’.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Great news ! He’s in an amazing writer ! The Weeping Angels, the Silence story arch, River Song…. He can stay until season 15^^

  • Rose Tyler

    I wish Steven Moffat would go back to being a guest writer on the show. Series 5 and 6 were AMAZING but series 7 was (in my opinion) the worst series of New Who that there has ever been. The episodes written by Steven Moffat were the best of series 7 – I don’t know how he approved ‘Cold War’, ‘Hide’ and ‘Nightmare in Silver’. I love him as a writer but not as a showrunner. Clara has the potential to be an amazing companion but her episodes haven’t been good enough! I hope series 8 is better!