‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 won’t finish filming until end of March 2017

Production is well underway on the new season of Doctor Who, but filming of the new episodes apparently won’t be completed until nearly next Easter.

Season 10 began shooting in Cardiff in June and the BBC has announced an approximate start date of “spring 2017”.

Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

An article on The Knowledge – known as the industry bible for film and TV professionals – reveals that Season 10’s shoot is set to wrap on 31 March 2017.

Doctor Who 10 Matt Lucas Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi Bill Nardole Twelfth

There were rumours circulating recently that the Doctor Who team would be heading to Vancouver to film scenes for Season 10 this October. However, a BBC Drama spokesperson has since stated: “With regards to Doctor Who filming in Western Canada, I can confirm that this is not true.”

However, there are now rumours that the overseas filming is actually set to take place in the Canadian city of Toronto, where BBC America’s Orphan Black is filmed, hence the rather specific nature of the denial.

What are you most excited about seeing in Season 10? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    If this means they have longer to work on it and thus make it a good as possible then I won’t complain… except that it’s such a shame we have to wait so long!

  • Jessica Cobden

    Busy,busy,busy. With filming finishing for 10 at the end of March 2017, and 11 promised for 2018- we must assume that filming for it,(11), will start at roughly the same time as it did for 10 (If transmission is to remain similar).The end of June 2017. This of course will lead to overlap in production. If Peter continues- a three month break between gigs. And Chris Chibnall turning his full attention to the programme, in the next few months;following his commitments to the post production of his last year on Broadchurch. Busy,busy,busy

    • Charlieboy

      I was going to mention Chibnall. He’ll be wanting the Chistmas 2017 script asap, so he can plan without interruption!

      • Jessica Cobden

        You’re very naughty Charlieboy. I listen to the DVD commentary too

        • Charlieboy

          I don’t have any NuWho dvds!

          • Jessica Cobden

            Not even one?

          • Jessica Cobden

            Okay. Setting myself up for a fall there. I guess, C.B, none means none

          • The Timelord’s Underpants

            Bluray ????

          • Charlieboy

            I wouldn’t allow them in the house!

  • Nicholas Brent

    I’m going to assume an April 16th (Easter Saturday) start for Series 10 then…

  • MurrayFutterman

    Of course, the big question is: does that schedule include the 2017 Christmas Special, or will they be reconvening later to film that? One would assume it would be more economical to film it with series 10, unless they were going to do something special like film it in New Zealand…

    • DonnaWho?

      I dare not hope or dream(sigh). Where are you Peter Jackson ?

  • Marcie

    This production schedule is on par with other years, presume they are looking at an Easter start then at earliest. Great that Moffat has got it all under control and back to the Spring transmission too. Now all the BBC has to do is actually promote the show properly. Series 9 got such fantastic reviews all around and people are still chatting about its excellence a year on and the Christmas special got back lots of viewers (and also great reviews too), so with a bit of effort from the BBC publicity department and the Easter launch, I think the show will get quite a few of those missing viewers back for series 10. Lucky Chris Chibnall is going to be handed over a show at the absolute top of its game.

    • But filming is finishing at easter? They won’t be airing it at easter will they?

      • Marcie

        They will have finished post production and locked off the first episodes by then, so could start then and have post production being undertaken on the last block while the first lot are screened. From memory under RTD they always had this skin of their teeth approach. I think the risks will be warranted to get the big Easter Saturday viewing numbers.

        • MargaretL

          RTD’s era was notorious for working to the last minute. A lot of this shows particularly in series 2 which is still held to be co the poorest series in new Who, not just because of the weak arc, inconsistent characterisation of the 10th doctor (and Tennant really struggling in the role) and patchy stories, but the sub par editing and dodgy CGI. A lot of it looks rushed and it really falters in the lousy quality of the back end stories up to the seat of the pants finale which got by on emotion and a great performance from Billie on transmission, but falls apart on any clear eyed second viewing. I think the Satan Pit two parter among others was almost rushed still warm from the edit suite to the BBC for transmission. Fortunately production improved vastly in series 3 and although it has just as many duff stories as series 2, it looks so much better and Tennant finally looks comfortable in the part.

          The Moffat production machine into its fifth year is much more well oiled and they have had the luxury of much more prep time than RTD had in series 2 where they ‘inherited’ a mess of issues from series 1. It’s a miracle series 1 ever got made when you read accounts about the chaos of production and behind the scenes tensions. That seems to have spilled over to series 2. It’s pretty clear on screen how much Moffat benefited from the gap year he got before series 5, compared to RTD’s series 2. Series 5 is a masterly in consistency of tone, clarity of vision and a massive leap in post production quality over anything done under RTD. Matt Smith just grabs attention and is completely The Doctor from the get go – the longer lead up time will have allowed him to work more closely with Moffat to develop the character than Tennant had with RTD and of course Smith had to famously ‘win’ the part, rather than having it handed to him by being the person on hand at the right time as Tennant was. The fact that until last year’s series, series 5 remained the most critically adored and fan popular in new Who speaks to how important that extra envelope of time is to make a polished quality product.

          I have high hopes for series 10 after the magnificence of series 9 and Moffat has the benefit of a lead totally in control of the part and a new companion with more experience as an actor, poise and maturity than possibly all of her recent predecessors as well as a production team at the very top of their game. No doubt with this being Moffat’s final series there will be a more relaxed feeling on set but I am equally sure everybody will want to ensure he gets the proper farewell by giving their very best.

          • Marcie

            Yes. Very excited reading information about series 10 in the new DWM. All sounds incredibly smooth sailing although had to smile when Brian Minchin mentioned that he hoped they weren’t going to shock Charlotte Moore too much with some of their amazing ‘out there’ storylines for this series. Sounds as though Moffat is embracing that fresh new approach he mentioned for this series now that he has left the doctor free to sort of start again without Clara and the Time Lord baggage. The production team sound really jazzed for this year and well, Pearl is getting incredible praise for how absolutely ‘right’ she is for the part. If they are about to film Peter’s solo Christmas 2016 special next week or so, imagine we may have a solo Bill- Doctor lite episode. These Doctor lite episodes are often the best of the bunch too, well except for Love and Monsters of course and it would show how much faith they have in Pearl. David Suchet also tweeted that Pearl and Peter had been a dream to work with.

    • Edward Delingford

      Which is more than RTD did for him to be frank! Chibbers is lucky he will be inheriting a show at the ‘top of its game’ as you say with a perfect doctor and what looks like a refreshingly new type of companion – funny, up for adventure and hopefully not drowned in backstory or domestic guff or magical Bad Wolf type powers and bless the Lord, no icky wuv story. I just hope he has the good sense to keep them on to transition into series 11 and doesn’t squander what he has been gifted on a plate by Moffat.

      I also hope Charlotte Moore holds her promise to make Doctor Who the centrepiece of BBC’s drama schedule next year after her mea culpa about the appalling way the show was handled by the Beeb last year.

      A good first sign would be launching it on Easter Saturday at say 7.30 and before that promoting the Hinchcliffe out of it!

  • Mabel

    Most excited for a new series of Who since Matt and Moff’s first one. I sort of gave up watching for a while after the 50th but absolutely *loved* series 9. Even better than series 5 and that’s saying something. What a pity Moff is leaving. He and Peter Cap produced so much amazing stuff last year. No interest in Chibnall unless he keeps Peter on, based on the absolutely awful stuff he wrote for the show and how dreadful Broadchurch was, otherwise might wait it out again until we get another good showrunner like Moff. Team Moff and PCap all the way!!