‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 will be filming in Spain

Part of the next block of filming for Doctor Who‘s new season will apparently take place in Spain.

The news was revealed on Twitter by Ali Asad, who is working as Director of Photography on two upcoming episodes.


Previous episodes to be partly shot in Spain include ‘Asylum of the Daleks’, ‘A Town Called Mercy’ and last year’s ‘Kill the Moon’.

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Season 9 began filming in Cardiff last week.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

What do you want to see in the new season? Let us know below…

  • avoura

    For the new season we should see the Doctor be Merlin (as a sequel to the 1989 episode Battlefield, where Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor was called Merlin by people who knew him back in that time); a return of the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny; more River Song; a return of Susan, his granddaughter; and more of the hunt for Gallifrey.

    • Lara Harris


    • Macarena Acosta

      Those are all great ideas and I’m sure no sane mind would burn them up all in ONE season.

  • avoura

    It would also be great to see some more of the Doctor’s early years on Gallifrey before he left by stealing a Tardis. My question is: why did he not have his own Tardis?

  • tiney

    Why Spain? If they are going to shoot outside of the UK, why not in Australia where we are celebrating 50 years since the first stransmission here? (We were one of the first countries outside the UK to show Doctor Who). The Mayor of the Witsunday region of northern Queensland sent an invitation and a petition to Moffatt years ago suggesting he shoot part of the 2015 season in Australia but it seems he was ignored.

  • Ed Lord

    You forgot “The 2 Doctors” was also shot in Spain