Doctor Who series 11 filming heading to South Africa

After its Christmas break, production is set to begin again on Doctor Who series 11, starring Jodie Whittaker, imminently. And it look likes the year is kicking off with a location shoot, with filming work apparently already underway around Cape Town.

Reports having been coming in on Twitter suggesting that crew for Doctor Who have been in place in Cape Town, South Africa since just before Christmas. And that the cast are now in the city too, for filming on a thus-far mystery episode. The excellent Girly Letters Twitter feed has been collating many of the reports, such as this one…

Inevitably, there’s still a veil of secrecy over it all. It’s fair to assume that the Doctor Who team haven’t flown all the way to South Africa to film in a studio, though, so expect a location snap or two to pop up over the coming days.