Doctor Who series 11 set to look more cinematic

Doctor Who logo

Amidst the many changes being made for Doctor Who series 11 comes news that the equipment being used to film the show has undergone an upgrade. As per a report in Broadcast Now, the new series is “being shot using Cooke and Angenieux anamorphic lenses for the first time”.

The upshot of that is that Doctor Who is set to have a more cinematic look for the new series. Films At 59 is the company that had provided the necessary equipment, and Dave Wride of the firm has said that “the BBC have made a monumental leap here to enhance the look of Doctor Who and I’m sure the fans will not be disappointed with the distinctly cinematic results that this lens and camera combo will afford them”.

Filming is ongoing for Doctor Who series 11, that’ll land on our screens next autumn. Jodie Whittaker, as you may have heard, is headlining the new series…