‘Doctor Who’ star Capaldi on what to expect from his Doctor in Season 9

Peter Capaldi has revealed that his Doctor will still be “learning about himself” when Doctor Who returns next year.

Season 9 begins filming in January.

Capaldi told Digital Spy: “I think it would be wrong to say ‘we’ve arrived’ – and that’s certainly not how I feel. I don’t think Steven [Moffat] or anyone else feels like that – I think that would be lazy and foolish.”

He explained: “I think you have to keep moving – if he’s regenerated, he’s learning about himself and how he responds to the universe, so I think he probably will be different again when he comes back.”

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi regeneration

The Scottish actor added: “It’s inevitable that when you play Doctor Who, the first season has to be a direct contrast with the previous Doctor. Matt [Smith] was wonderful and very open and accessible, so it was natural – and also appropriate – to be slightly more distant, which I think has worked. But we’re still pushing to find out who this character is – there are more mysteries about him, I think.”

Doctor Who is back for a one-off special, ‘Last Christmas’, later this month.

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How would you like to see Capaldi’s Doctor develop in Season 9? Let us know below…

  • lena.

    I want him to be as “cold” and “uncaring” like he was in “into the Dalek”.
    I really liked how he intoduced Clara as his Carer so he doesn’t have to… I don’t know why but I loved it, he got more sh*t done 😉
    But at the same time I want the Doctor to be funny when he is around the people he loves (like the companion.. hopefully Clara *fingers crossed*)

  • Cheryl Spoehr

    No more Clara,anyone who is violent to an older man should not be a companion,more of The Doctor,cause I still don’t know who he is,how about at least one kid for a companion,I liked the girl he took onboard for awhile this season,love it if he went back in time,and took ten year old Amy Pond as a companion!