Doctor Who: we’re apparently getting “more than 11 hours” of Who in the autumn

Might be time to get your calculators out, as a new Doctor Who brand and licensing update seems to suggest we’re going to get a little more Who than we thought later this year.

The latest issue of Toy World magazine – as spotted by Girly Letters on Twitter, and the Doctor Who Site – has outlined the BBC’s merchandising plans for the year, and specifically says of Doctor Who that there will be “more than 11 hours of new content in Autumn 2018”.

Let’s do some maths, then.

Thus far, we’ve been told that we’re getting ten episodes of Doctor Who series 11, starring Jodie Whittaker. The first, we’ve been told, will be an hour long, and the other episodes will be 50 minutes apiece. By our calculations, that adds up to eight and a half hours.

Where, then, is the other two and a half hours coming from? A Christmas special would be a safe bet, and could eat up an hour. But might there be something else, or might some episodes actually be longer than first billed? Or is this a case of the licensing department and the people making Doctor Who having some kind of disconnect?

The same article also says that the BBC has a “five year evergreen strategy” for Doctor Who. Which suggests that there’s a lot more Doctor Who ahead. Here’s hoping…