‘Doctor Who’ writer Moffat hints at Missy return

Writer Steven Moffat has suggested that viewers haven’t seen the last of Missy in Doctor Who.

Season 8 concluded last night on BBC One with ‘Death in Heaven’, with the Brigadier returning as a Cybermen to ‘kill’ Missy.

Speaking on Doctor Who Extra, Moffat commented : “I always rather enjoyed how they handled this problem when the wonderful Anthony Ainley was playing the part in the ‘80s. He would get killed, definitively, at the end of every encounter with Peter Davison and Colin Baker. And then he’d turn up at the start of the next Master story with roughly this explanation: ‘I escaped!’ Suits me, I’m fine with that!”

The showrunner added: “Supervillains don’t die, do they? I wouldn’t trust anything about that character’s ability to lie down and stop breathing.”

Doctor Who Missy

Michelle Gomez joined Doctor Who as Missy, the first female incarnation of The Master, in Season 8’s opening episode, ‘Deep Breath’.

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Would you like Missy to return? Let us know below…

  • Definitely not!

  • Kipperripper

    Heck yes! I loved Missy – she was bananas! – but also because she’s one of the few characters that can give is some insight to the doctors past and i would love some more episodes that are just ‘who is the doctor’

  • EvilHat

    “Missy… The Master… whatever you call yourself…”

    Missy miming “It doesn’t matter” was a nice touch 😀 Disappointed at her lazy exit. Seems to be a curse of the character.

  • Music for Kids

    I love the nod to the `Mary Poppins is a Time Lord’ meme/gag/posts that were going around a few years back 🙂

    • Gavin Shepherd

      and the obvious fact when she came down with an umbrella n the graveyard, that just confirmed it

  • Lokitty Laufeyson

    Oh god no. Why is Moffat intent on ruining Doctor Who?!? ><

    • Bombom

      he isn’t actually.

      • Lokitty Laufeyson

        He certainly had me fooled.

  • mittfh

    Of course she’ll be back – she’s far too good to not reuse. Besides which, she wasn’t killed – when she was shot, they used the teleport effect. Additionally, with her using Cyber-technology and pretending to be a droid, robo-clones aren’t entirely unfeasible…

  • Grace Roberts

    Listen, guys. I only have one thing to say about Missy.

    She was awkward and the whole episode was awkward when she was in the picture. So please, don’t bring her back. “Saxon” can come back as the Master, but PLEASE don’t bring back Missy

  • feetlebaum

    Certainly would like to see more of Missy – definitely ‘yes’!

  • Kchan

    It’s fun to see two wildly polarizing opinions, some love her, some hate her. Personally I loved how she portrayed the character and would like to see more. 😀

  • DWdrummer

    Think she’s terrific. Men who are mad are just that. Mad. Women though, they can take it to a whole other level. Something deliciously devious about Missy. And I like it.

  • Alexander Leon Rosado

    I absolutely HATED her… And that is exactly why I LOVED her. She did a fantastic job as an actress. As far as Missy/The Master’s return? He’s come back from death plenty of times. I am sure they’ll find an explanation if they feel inclined to use the character again.

  • Victoria Mattas French

    The Doctor and The Master frienemy saga should continue as long as the show does. It just needs to be handled intelligently in the writing, and in my opinion, it was.

  • Skodt665

    Missy is the incarnation of The Master I’ve been waiting for since Anthony Ainley’s exit. John Simm’s Master was written too silly as opposed to sinister and mad. She’s devilishly perfect.

  • Helena Brown

    I bloody hope so! loved her! Although that might be my love for Sue White coming out.
    Her ending was a little abrupt which was a bit of a shame, but deffinatly be wanting to see more. Get to it moffat

  • David Alvarado

    I think the came-from-heaven-holding-and-umbrella-Missy was not the original one.
    She’ll come back.

  • kelleth

    Rani, give us Rani instead.

  • Suesie

    Never thought she died!! I figured she’d just flittered off somewhere – dematerialized like she did off of the airplane, just at the same moment she was shot – she is a Timelady, she’d have known what was coming, potentially.. I LOVED her as the Master, fabulously loony!!

  • Cheri

    Good! I love Michelle Gomez! I want to see her do more episodes.

  • Shea

    Oh Missy, you’re so fine! You’re so fine you blow my mind!

  • Zac Carpenter

    Absolutely, I loved Missy’s Master! Incredibly brilliant! We need a few nods to the classic series, and the back and forth between the Doctor and the Master is perfect.

  • As has been noted in previous comments, Missy teleported away (same F/X as when she left the plane) instead of getting vaporized … so she’s “around” somewhere. This episode was such a mess of “WTF? WTF? WTF?” moments, that bringing BACK The Master just to kill him/her would have been just inviting a Dallas-like “oh, it was just a long dream sequence” re-boot. So much stuff left hanging … they could spend the whole next series EXPLAINING this stuff!

    On a completely different topic … in the preview for the Xmas show – when the doors open and there’s what seems a teenage boy there, my first thought was “ADRIC?” … now, THAT would be Moffat being really perverse!

  • Danielle Vaccaro

    I love the new Master but I HATE HATE HATE the “boyfriend” crap. The innuendos and the kissing. This was never the Doctor/Master relationship and it MUST go !
    Keep Missy as the Master but just go back the the arch enemy relationship.
    It’s just too awkward and unnatural to see them kissing and flirtatious.

    • Lonaka

      I think the boyfriend deal was because this particular doctor is very adamant he does not like intimacy, as well as a hint perhaps to more…

    • nd3141

      I thought I’d have a problem with that aspect of it, but I like it. First of all, it’s a modern twist. Sure, he’s a widower, but if you admit that people can switch genders via reincarnation, well, that’s a new level of “it’s complicated.” And of course, the Master would use any advantage and gain any edge, so why not play the black widow role, and conversely, why not let her think it’s working.

  • Kenton

    It could be argued she came sooner than that – we saw her leaving the Paiting 😀

    • Gavin Shepherd

      nope.. clearly was claras arm/hand leaning with her right arm across

      • Kenton

        Look again, the angles are all wrong, plus she is too far away from it.

        • Gavin Shepherd

          I dont think the master owns those rings.. I thought it possible at first but we shall see. maybe its never explain moffat is annoyingly good at that

  • Lonaka

    Yes please! I loved the dialogue with Osgood it completely had me convinced she IS the Master! She got the character down pat!

  • Cassi

    She obviously just got teleported back to Gallifrey 😉

  • spooky

    Of course she’ll be back. Was there ever any doubt?!

    Her body was killed yes. However, in theory she could’ve set up her own personal time lord hard drive inside of her own Tardis ready for her in the event of being killed. So yea… she will be back.

    I love and hated her, she was bat sh^% crazy and hilarious.
    However, I think if she pretty much plays that over and over again, she’ll get boring which is probably why Moffat went to the gender swap because if it had been John Simm again it would’ve been played out. With a female in the role, it comes off refreshing but that will only go so far…

    If Moffat does bring her back and does nothing with her, it’ll get tiresome. The crazy character trait is one dimensional… its fun but outside of that the Master is just evil for evil’s sake. I hope we see shades of the Master rather than just this…

  • Grayson

    Up until the finale we had no clue but the name that Missy was “The Master.” What we knew was that she was the one keeping Clara and the Doctor together. We knew she was in the afterlife. We knew the Doctor was her “boyfriend.” The entire plot of this episode was out of the blue. But if we go back to one episode before the 50th, we see another “Time Lady,” or at least the child of the TARDIS keeping a link to the Library open in Clara’s head, after she dies. We see a clip, in the montage, of Clara standing in front of a window, standing over David Tennant looking over the Library. CAL being another play on her name, as Clara “Oswin” Oswald’s alternate personalities tended to be. They had a few traits in common, actually; namely the saving of people as data in digital realities.
    I want to know how we can get rid of Clara without addressing this when Missy being a corrupt download of River into the robot she first claims to be, laying a trap to bring hubby home makes a lot more sense than the Master suddenly turning up as a woman, oh and by the way Clara’s in Heaven or something cause she went her ghost boy..

  • Dave

    OMG if this news is legit, it would make me the happiest!!! It truly disappointed me when they killed her at the end of the finale. I absolutely adore Michelle Gomez as Missy, and I look forward to seeing her return… hopefully many times in the future.

  • Neil Bowers

    Loved Missy and would happily see her back as The Mistress.

  • James

    Yes I would love to see Missy back She was funny

  • Robot Juice

    I thought the entire episode was horrendous and her potrayal of The Master as quite possibly the worst imagining of an iconic role ever witnessed. I’d rather shove shards of broken glass in my eyeholes.

  • Katy Joseph

    Missy was awsome – fitted my interpretation of the Master perfectly – especially the bit where it was all a ‘gift’, wanting her friend back – always feel sorry for the Master and have been hoping that since the drums will have stopped Missy might sane up a bit… Poor Doctor, must’ve been like kissing your sister! I thinik there is good in there with all them bannanas…

  • Nate

    Anyone else hopes Missy and the Doctor team up? I think it would be cool to have the old childhood friends join up; even if Missy/the Master is in shackles.

  • Well, due to the popularity (albeit, divisive popularity) of Missy, female 13th incoming?