Exclusive: Eve Myles chats to us about ‘Torchwood’ return plans

Broadchurch star Eve Myles has discussed the rumours about Torchwood returning for a number of new radio plays.

Torchwood co-star John Barrowman revealed the news last month, adding that there was a possibility it could lead to something on TV too.

Speaking exclusively to CultBox, Myles confirmed: “There’s been talks about it for a while, but I’ll believe it when it lands on the desk really, and I’ll see about it then. I certainly wouldn’t turn it down. Anything with Torchwood is something I’d love to do.”

The Doctor Who spin-off was last seen on TV in 2011’s US co-production, Torchwood: Miracle Day. Four audio books and a novel, ‘Exodus Code’, were released in 2012.

Torchwood John Barrowman eve Myles

Asked if she finds the show’s extended hiatus frustrating, Myles commented: “Well, I’ve kind of got past the frustration now. I think it’s more frustrating for the fans. It’s so damn popular, and the fans are still screaming for more, all over the world whenever I do signings and make appearances and talk about the show.”

The actress continued: “It’s as popular now as it’s ever been. That’s what’s frustrating about it. The fans want more, that’s the catalyst; that’s where the frustration comes from. The fan-base are the most loyal fan-base in the world, and have been since day one.”

She added: “So we’ll see what happens. If I get a call to come back, I’ll be there, and I’ll be doing it for the fans as well as Russell T Davies. I’d love to be able to put an announcement out tomorrow saying we got a Season 5, and that would be thanks to the fans, because they’ve not stopped plugging it for us.”

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Eve Myles is currently appearing in the second season of Broadchurch, airing at 9pm on Monday nights on ITV.

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Do you want Torchwood to return? Let us know below…

  • Kenshin0011

    I would honestly be okay if they wrote up some sort of plot device that could rewind time and take Jack and Gwen back to when Owen, Tosh, and Ianto were alive and go from there. That’d be the best!

    • Irene Studer Alderman

      I agree- you need to be prepared for some character loss along the way, but they wiped out everyone!

    • yes! I loved them! it was sad when they killed Ianto 🙁 …

    • music3030

      So would I because I am missing my Ianto Jones and Captain Jack together.

  • Lucy

    Bring it back!

  • Silent Bob

    Torchwood needs to be the new Time Agency. That would be awesome.

    • Kagemorou

      Or the -old- Time Agency at it’s very begining! How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

  • Nick Rowebin

    yes bring it back, there is a gap in the universe and all the aliens are taking over our planet and people don’t realise it lol

  • patou gravitule

    I would love seeing Torchwood brought back but only if Ianto is also back (and not as a ghost or as a flashback) but I am not really interested in a radio play.

    • I love the idea of Captain John feeling guilty after the end of season two, and letting Jack go back and save Owen and Tosh. At the same time, he could save Ianto too, by making himself go into the room (where Ianto died) alone, so Ianto wasn’t there to die.

  • Erin

    Yes yes yes!!

  • AlvaX

    Come On we nedd more of this!! 😀

  • Bev Lawrence

    I would love Torchwood to come back, and the BBC could do far worse than bring “Exodus Code” to the screen.

  • U Mad Bro?

    I’m so sick of them sitting on the Torchwood franchise like they expect it to hatch. It’s not. It takes work and you all need to get to it before the chances slip away. Barrowman and Myles are hard working and talented, and if they get opportunities elsewhere that engage them extensively your chance has flown!

  • Heidi McClure

    Make it happen.

  • colorguard116

    Yes!!!!! Please come back!!!!

  • Don Duncan

    Without question, a return is needed!

  • Tone

    Yes, bring it back.
    Option 1: new series, HQ in Cardiff, individual and two part stories, Jack, Gwen, and new cast. Possibly getting Ianto back.
    Option 2: Different Torchwood teams 1901-2001. We saw glimpses of some of them. Jack worked with them throughout the 20th century.

  • Tom Holste

    CultBox’s very misleading title says that Eve Myles “confirms” its return, when in fact what she says is, “…but I’ll believe it when it lands on the desk really,” which is pretty much the opposite of confirming.

  • Shane Stoneley

    I liked both Tosh and Owen as characters, also Ianto had his moments. I think a prequel to just before series 2 finale would be brilliant. Also, the doctor has been in SJA, so why couldn’t he have a gust role in an episode of Torchwood 🙂

    • Eh, I don’t like that idea. Doctor Who, SJA, K9 etc are all a bit more about just having fun with a bit of seriousness thrown in from time to time, whereas Torchwood was a bit more serious. I’m not sure if actually showing the Doctor would ruin that. Also I’d be weird as Capaldi already had a large role in season 3.

    • Christopher Harper

      Torchwood is too adult, RTD and Moffat both agree the Doctor can only appear in something EVERYONE who watches Doctor Who can watch. Torchwood can show up in Doctor Who, and companions can show up in Torchwood, but the Doctor himself is off limits.

  • ChocoBetty

    I was late to the party – started watching in early 2013 and got hooked. (First try didn’t do the trick probably because I started mid-season (“Countryside” – will never become a favourite of mine).

    if a show can attracked fans after it’s been off the air for two year then that should be a sign! But I prefered the first two seasons because it was more to my liking: team-oriented, Cardiff-based, stand-alone episodes (with the occasional double episode). I’ve never been a fan of the long storyarchs.

  • “and have been since day one”… the second episode?

  • Michael Smith

    Firefly anyone? Has a bigger fan base. The reason Torchwood was killed was due to poor ratings in the UK due to the “co-op”. Should have been based in Wales NOT the US.

  • Orangeslices57

    Pls bring back Ianto, Owen, and Tosh

  • Edoe

    Torchwood has to come back. Every series so far has been brilliant – yes, I even liked Miracle Day 😛

  • Mary Young

    I’d love to see more!

  • Jason Wright

    I’d like it to return. We know what happens to Jack eventually thanks to Doctor Who, but what about Torchwood as a whole? What about Gwen and Rhys and Andy & the organization? Also…we still don’t know Jack’s real name or why the Time Agency stole 2 years of his life? Mostly I want answers and a sense of completeness. I want something with an ending; I didn’t loathe Miracle Day the way a lot of people seemed to, but the last episode was more like a set-up for another story rather than something that properly ended – which makes the lack of a fifth season that much more frustrating. I’m against character resurrection as a rule and I was glad they didn’t bring the deceased characters back in Season 3 or 4 – but enough time has passed that I would probably be okay with them coming back now if it tied into some grand ending for the series – something for the fans to enjoy and allow them to embrace the entire 5 season series as a whole.

  • Wally One

    Victorian Torchwood please, Jack in charge. Ditch the two boring females leads from the original show. Eve as Gywneth from the Unquite Dead DW episode as their new maid, gauntlet please, after revival, she becomes a determined young suffragette looking to repay a debt anyway she can. And Gareth David-Lloyd in a nice era curly moustache as a baffled police inspector liaising with TW team, latterly their determined comrade. All the easy plot resolution alien tech disappears and it’s down to the team’s ingenuity and skill to keep Queen & Country safe. Although, they can have a specced out hansom cab with flashing blue lights if they absolutely insist. 😛

  • Lelly

    I would welcome it back if the old gang was in it, I hated MD it was long and too much of Gwen, would have been much better if it had been Jack and Ianto

  • NineLivesBurra

    I personally loved Season 1 and Season 2. Miracle Day was far too long and the story could have been told in half the time. I worked out what was going to happen long before I watched it. I think we need to use time and return to somewhere in Seasons 1 or 2. The plot with Tosh and the WWI soldier was brilliant so having something like that would be brilliant.