First image of Doctor Who’s Missy and Master together!

Doctor Who Tardis

A new pic from the BBC shows Michelle Gomez’ Missy and John Simm’s Master together for the first time.

Last night we got our first visual confirmation of John Simm’s Master returning in the next episode of Doctor Who – ‘World and Enough Time’.

Now we have a shiny new pic of three Timelords to hype things up even more. It’s far from clear exactly how or in what form we’ll see Simm’s Master in the show, but this picture does seem to hint that we will see them on screen side-by-side… Or will it be face-to-face?

Here’s that pic, then…

Missy and Master Together

Missy (MICHELLE GOMEZ), The Master (JOHN SIMM), The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI) – (C) BBC/BBC Worldwide

You can see the ‘Next Time’ trailer for the episode here.

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Are you excited about The Master’s return alongside Missy. Will they even appear together on-screen? Let us know in the comments!