Jenna Coleman confirmed to return for ‘all of Season 9’

Jenna Coleman has announced that she will return as Clara for Doctor Who‘s “whole” next season.

It had been rumoured over recent months that the actress would depart in tonight’s Christmas special or would only be appearing in a limited number of episodes in Season 9.

Written by Steven Moffat, ‘Last Christmas’ saw Clara rejoin the Doctor on the TARDIS. The pair were reunited in a dream following their goodbye at the end of Season 8.

Doctor Who Last Christmas

Speaking at the press launch for the special at London’s BFI earlier this month, Coleman revealed: “It’s wonderful – I’ve got another series of stories with the Doctor.”

She added: “I couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved and there’s so much more to do – I think they’ve finally just reached a point where they really understand each other!”

Executive producer Moffat confirmed: “Jenna is obviously in all of the next series. There was a certain amount of toing and froing, wasn’t there, Jenna? It occurred to us all that we don’t start filming until January, so we could keep it a proper secret.”


On returning as the Doctor in the new season, Peter Capaldi commented: “It’s a pleasure. It’s been wonderful. It’s been fun – really good fun. It’s the easiest thing I’ve done in my life!”

Coleman also hinted at what to expect in Season 9: “Just when Clara was feeling more comfortable in the relationship, it’s thrown something totally new up.”

> Order ‘Last Christmas’ on DVD on Amazon.

Doctor Who‘s new season begins filming in Cardiff in January.

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Are you happy that Clara is staying? Let us know below…

  • No, I’m not happy that Clara is staying. The best way to refresh the series was with a new companion.

    That would have been a perfect ending for Clara. Now I’m less interested in the next series.

    • Jimmy Humphries

      Keep in mind Clara staying doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a new companion. He has had more than one companion in the past. I’m fine with her staying, but really want a new companion too!

      • If there’s a new companion in addition to Clara, they will be playing third fiddle to the established duo.

        Now was the right time for Clara to leave. I wanted her to leave so that there could be a fresh start. That can’t happen with her still there.

        It’s great for fans of Clara. But not for viewers who think that the show doesn’t feel as fresh and inventive as it might.

        • Zoltán Buka

          Not necessarily. Just look at the classic series.

  • lena.

    I am geniunly SO happy about her staying. One and a half season were just not long enough for her.
    Clara has been my favorite companion of all NewWho’s.

    But I do hope that we’ll get a third member of Team Tardis. Like Shona, I loved her and her onboard would be brilliant

  • Mohammad Saqib

    This should of been her ending to be honest.
    I liked the way she was old and the doctor had to open the Christmas cracker contrasting back to the 11th doctor when he was old and Clara opened the Christmas cracker for him.
    That should of been her ending dying peacefully.

  • Jimmy Humphries

    I’m totally fine with Clara staying, but I still REALLY want a new companion! Preferably someone not from out time/planet.

  • Ironica

    I’m glad. This Doctor and Clara are the best couple since the Fourth and Sarah Jane!

  • Amber

    SO SO HAPPY!! 😀 I love Clara to pieces and really didn’t want to lose her since she’s such a wonderful character and Jenna does a beautiful job playing her! Roll on Series 9!! 😀

  • Helen Razor

    Great news. Never been a better duo in the TARDIS and Coleman and Capaldi have sizzling chemistry. Easily the two best actors in all of the 51 years to have played the Doctor and the companion and they seem to have inspired Steven Moffat to return to the level of quality of the first Matt Smith series. So much potential for series 9 when you have such talented and versatile actors.

  • Josh D

    I’m so disappointed. They have all the chemistry of a rock and a rotting fish head, I was so happy to see something new for Capaldi. 🙁

    • Zoltán Buka

      It doesn’t mean there won’t be new companion.

    • timmy

      While you, Josh, have all the charm of the body of that rotting fish. And the ability to discern character of a corpse. Happy New Year.

      • timmy

        No responses will be read, ta ta

        • Lecrazy

          Nice job liking your own comment, troll.

  • feetlebaum

    Pleased as Punch!

  • BT Kroll


  • David Vandervliet

    No, and nothing against the Jenna, or the character.

    There comes a time when companions NEED to go. It is the narrative of the program. Since Season 7 started, the Doctor has been more of a Taxi driver, picking up and dropping off companions at their homes for EACH story, I have hated that.

    The Doctor is something special that comes rarely into your life and
    brings adventure and magic, you go with that, until you get your fill,
    and then you leave, and the next companion comes along. You would never see Tom Baker’s Doctor keep coming back to pick someone up at their home (Otherwise why never come back for Sarah Jane) The fifth Doctor couldn’t get Tegan home as much as he tried to for years…

  • Cloggie

    Perhaps this new season would be an opportunity to have a personality beyond the occasional bout of petulant child.

    • timmy

      Awww, are we getting on in years? Or just very insecure? Bless! CUP OF TEA, DEAR?

      • timmy

        Actually, don’t bother saying if you want sugar or not, I won’t come back to read any replies. Bye 😀

  • Ellan Eriksson

    I do love Jenna and Clara, I do.. But it really is the time for her to go in a way..
    I had actually hoped to see a new companion along with The Doctor.

    But on the same time I’m thrilled that she’ll stay because I love the relationship that she has with 12th… So I’m a bit mixed in feelings there.. I just hope that it’ll be a great season no matter what..
    and I hope for River. xD

  • Pyro

    Im in tears this is the worst Christmas present EVER EVER! I bet she is staying on only because she attempted to get out into acting elsewhere and no one would tolerate her lack of skill, so she went crawling back to Moffat who decided to keep her on. Its the easiest explanation I can come up with.

    • Mark S

      Ahh diddums! Get over it! She wanted to stay. Moffat and Capaldi wanted her to stay. Don’t make stuff up just because things didn’t go your way. Some of us happen to like Clara and Jenna.

      • timmy

        Well said, sir.

    • timmy

      Wow, you’re… well, obviously messed up, but also clearly really really easily disturbed. Your worst present EVER EVER? In that case, enjoy your tears. You deserve them, for being so sour.

      • timmy

        Done here. Bye thread.

  • missron

    Dammit. It may be the first series I not watch. The only episode I liked her in was where she was soufflé girl; everything else has been extremely annoying. Capaldi needs a strong personality to play off, not whiny Clara.

    • timmy

      Not great at reading personalities, are we.

  • Joe

    Good happy she staying let’s hope she’ll stay past series 9 maybe for a least series 11 or something but roll on The Magician’s apprentice and roll on series 9

  • Jonida Sanço

    Extremely happy! They’re just amazing together and I can’t wait to see what’s next

  • Jack

    YES!!!!!! I love Clara!!!!!! I was going to be pissed if she’d left. She’s so lovely, and smart. I love how quick thinker and speaker she is. My fav episode with her is the Snowmen episode when she kisses him and figures his plan out.

  • Daspoo

    The show is called Doctor Who…..
    Not Clara Who. The Doctor is the main character. Thankfully, this is Moffat’s last Doctor before he retires from being show runner.

    • timmy

      So, another… four years? Excellent. And “Clara Who” was never true, no matter how many times idiots parrot it.

  • Lecrazy

    Clara is by far the worst part of the show by far. I mean, the material she’s working with has been awful this past season, but they’ve transformed her into a mean spirited, unlikeable jerk. Give me Amy, Donna, or Rose.

    • timmy

      Try watching the show with your eyes open next time. And by listening to the words that the characters say. It’s difficult, I know, but it really helps.

      • timmy

        Done, bye.

      • Lecrazy

        lol what?

  • disqus_eavduZ5m3p

    bring back David tennant to really shake up the who community

    • Vanderlay

      Don’t feed the troll. Far too easy to start up an anti-Tennant and RTD thread these days unfortunately. Their time is now well passed and even though I personally disliked that era, some people did like it and fair dibs to them. It’s entirely possible to like both too, you know!
      Go somewhere else for Christmas and leave the forum for real fans to chatter away.

  • Jason Isenberg

    LOL all these happy and angry people! xD

  • Stacey L

    No. Just no. Her story finished when Matt departed. She’s making the show stale and limitin Capaldi’s character growth. I was so looking forward to a new companion, but it looks like next season is going to be the same ol’ same. *Yawn*

    • timmy

      No reason to think that, so, nope.

      • timmy

        Also, just to mock you…. Yes. Just yes.

  • Rorí Tudor

    Made my Christmas!!! I think Jenna is a brilliant actress, and I love the Character of Clara. Although, I’m totally keen for another companion on board the TARDIS this season – change it up a bit 🙂

  • Dan Short

    When is Moffat going to actually address the things he’s set up?… He set up The Doctor going and looking for Gallifrey…that was in the 50th special and has only really been mentioned once since (at the end of the last series). He also set up the recognition The Doctor had of his new face (In Capaldi’s first episode) and had stated he was going to address The Doctors regeneration and face choice but hasn’t… :’)

    • Steven

      the looking for gallifrey thing is just a new thread. like how the rtd era had the time war thread. it’s just part of the overall story of The Doctor. Since 2005 the story of the doctor has been, a guilty war survivor who was running away from his past, the 50th resolved that and developed it into the story of man who is desperate to return home, to have a home again, just because things aren’t resolved straight away doesn’t mean they won’t be. Time War was what first mentioned in 2005 and partly resolved in The End Of Time 2009/10 and then given more depth and closure in the 50th. (2013)

      • Dan Short

        You’ve missed the point, he said he finally has something to run to, heavily implying that he was going to be looking for Gallifrey now instead of running round doing random shit, he didn’t…he literally just carried on doing the exact same thing still! I wouldn’t mind it being a big story arc over a couple of series, but that means it does still have to be the main plot, not a throwaway comment right at the end of a series! He could still get into adventures if he was off out looking for Gallifrey, probably even more exciting and interesting ones because he’d be all over the Universe looking for his planet in the depths as opposed to spending most of his time on Earth!

  • Eh…Clara’s alright, but she’s probably the most boring companion of the entire 2005 series.

    • timmy

      Which ended in 2005. Keep up.

      • Oh, look, a smart ass remark! I’m fairly sure that you understood what I meant.

  • Angela Hooper

    I absolutely love Clara. But I really don’t like Capaldi as the Doctor. I feel like he’s too dry and doesn’t portray him very well. I LOVED Jenna and Matt Smith’s chemistry on the show. They would just bounce off of each other and flowed smoothly. They were so great together. I just miss Matt Smith all around lol. He was wonderful.

  • kristi

    Nnnooooooo!!!!!! I’m so tired of Clara! I’ve never really been a fan. She was good as souffle girl I guess.I just can’t get over how she would have done ANYTHING when the doctor was Matt Smith, but now that the doctor is Peter Capaldi she doesn’t feel the same way. She’s turned into a bitter mean person. I’m so ready for her to go far far away now!

    • timmy

      Cobblers. Rewatch the scene on the sleigh and try to pretend you don’t sound like an idiot.

  • Helen Roshni

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that Clara is staying!! I think she’s the best companion so far! YAY!!

  • Richard Blake

    Awful news, there is no chemistry, she cannot act (she has only one expression – surprise as played by a female Roger Moore) and the scripts place her repeatedly front and centre. It is the Clara show, no longer Dr Who.

    • timmy

      Ok, Richard, here’s what yer gonna do. Stay with me. Try watching the show with your eyes open next time, looking at the expressions the actors make with their faces, and by listening to the noises that the actors make with their mouths. It’s difficult, I know, but it really helps.

      • timmy

        Done here, bye.

  • anne

    I am so so happy because I love Clara and I’m so happy that Jenna Coleman will stay on the set!!!! I’m from Germany so I can’t see it on TV i always have to use a website on the internet…. I hope Doctor Who will get more famous here so I can watch it in TV 😀

  • Laurie Rollins

    Best companion since Rose

  • Karin

    I totally love ver character 🙂
    I think the haters should really pay attention because she is the only one who has seen the Doctor in all of his regenerations,saved him, met him as a child, understands him and it’s amazing that now age is not important for her.

  • Adrienne Sherman

    i personally think she has overstayed her welcome…the end of the last season made me tired of her. personally i think she should have been gone at the end of “the name of the doctor” her mystery arc was done so they should have moved on…