Jenna Coleman teases ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9: ‘There is no going back for Clara’

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has revealed that Clara’s relationship with the Doctor will become “quite dangerous” in the new season.

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff earlier this week, with Coleman returning as Clara.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine in the new issue about what lies ahead for Clara and the Doctor, the actress hinted: “…they are a bit addicted to each other, and to the dynamic they share. It’s getting so that one can’t go without the other, and I think that’s definitely what Clara has realised.”

She added: “In a way, it’s actually quite dangerous now, because she realises there is no going back for her.”

Doctor Who Last Christmas old Clara

Clara rejoined the Doctor in the final moments of ‘Last Christmas’, after leaving the Doctor in Season 8’s finale.

Coleman commented: “Obviously, they both parted on effectively a lie [in ‘Death in Heaven’], but I think they can move on.”

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What are your hopes for Season 9? Let us know below…

  • LostBoyPA

    Sounds pretty sweet. Coleman is brilliant, can’t wait for more!

  • Karin

    I love her so much xD

  • Whis

    I think what should happen is, well…. We should ‘Game of Thrones’ Clara!

    Not in a fatal way though haha she has to live on and squeeze that baby out unless Danny is still alive which is pretty much isn’t 😉

  • JakeOllyB

    I reckon Clara is going to be the first companion of ‘NewWho’ to properly, permanently die; in a non ‘happy-ending’ sort of way like Amy and Rory.

  • justme76

    Peter and Jenna are the best things to happen to Who since the glory days of Tom and Lis Sladen. Happy days to be a Who fan!

  • Arkus Wright Arnold

    They need to get rid of her, she’s making the show seem really trivial being based on her petty everyday squabbles and hiccups.

    • timmy

      Ah, what you’re doing there is you’re watching “Eastenders.” Best stick to it, then Dr Who fans will be spared your laughable judgement of character.

      • timmy

        Bye thread, done here. (In case of whinging)

  • dont like clara

    if only it were true… i cant stand her…

    • timmy


  • FoxyRose

    Jenna Coleman seems like a solid actress, but I’m still not into Clara, and I’m happy to listen to explanation of why people like her. I want to get the appeal. I want to like her. I loved the alternate Claras, then The Bells of Saint John was alright and I loved The Rings of Akhaten, then it just kept kind of falling short for me. The romantic interest is there, again, and I’ve gotten a bit tired of that. It’s not a terrible dynamic, but Who keeps coming back to it. And then they just kept forcing in ways to make her the most important person to have ever lived. The Name of The Doctor stuff had to happen – they established a phenomenon and it had to be explained – and it was done quite well enough, but then with Listen and the whole little thing in the barn it felt like a bit much. And it seems to happen a lot. Even when they’re not specifically setting her on a pedestal, it still just feels like they’re overhyping her in general. And it’s great that they paint her as clever and independent and she’s a teacher and it’s great and she used to take care of some cool kids who disappeared between seasons – super cool. She has a life. She’s got stuff going on, and I can appreciate her in some episodes, but it seems like my friends and the fandom in general really fawn over her, and I don’t get why. I want to get it, because I want to enjoy the episodes more, but I don’t. And maybe I’m just not as into the recent stories either? But, it’s been a consistent “meh” for me with Clara as companion.

  • Maybe I’m all wrong, but I’m starting to wonder if Clara is actually the renegade Dalek we saw in the Dalek Asylum.

    There certainly is an evil Clara who would throw all the TARDIS keys into a volcano. The whole thing about Missy choosing Clara further supports the Dalek Clara concept in my head.
    One thing that keeps bothering me is that Peter’s Doctor seems to be so out-of-character frightened and unsure of himself. He keeps making that scared face, and doesn’t even know if he is good or bad. I don’t remember any of the other doctors being so frightened and unsure of themselves. Maybe Clara stole some part of the Doctor while living inside all the previous doctor’s time lines…or maybe Clara was the part of the Doctor that is missing since she is no longer in his time line.
    These are some of the reasons I’m looking forward to season 9.

    • Dave

      If watched the classic series, you might remember the Valeyard — an evil version of the Doctor who supposedly came about after his 12th regeneration. The Great Intelligence brought up the Valeyard in the Name of the Doctor, so its not something the current writers have forgotten either. Even with all that time can be rewritten ideology I can imagine the current Doctor worrying about how he’s right in the portion of his personal timeline the Valeyard is supposed to come to being in.

      • Good point Dave, I forgot about that. Kind of ties in with Clara telling those Cybermen that she is the Doctor, and the Doctor made up Clara Oswald.

  • Michele

    I cant wait for the character to die… if there is a god, please make it the most painful death ever!

  • Cheri

    From what I’ve read, I want to see the new series. Sounds like it’ll be good.

  • Griff

    I Would love to see multiple Clara’s in an episode