Legion season 2 teaser trailers: prepare to have your mind blown again

FOX’s trippy X-Men TV series, Legion, is returning to our screens soon. As with the show’s barmy first season, you can expect to see Dan Stevens’ David Haller – the mentally troubled son of Professor X – getting into all manner of sinister scrapes. Aubrey Plaza’s Shadow King, who lived inside David’s mind for years, desperately seeking control of his strong telepathic/telekinetic powers, is also returning in this new batch of episodes.

At the end of Legion season 1, the Shadow King made off with Jemaine Clement’s Oliver Bird while David was zapped into a metallic floating orb. In Legion season 2, by the looks of it, things will be getting even weirder. Two new teaser trailers have arrived online, including one which kicks off a very ominous line: “this thing kills everyone.”

And here’s the second new teaser trailer for Legion season 2. This one begins with a trippy merging of characters’ faces, before offering a few more hard-to-decipher clips from what’s about to go down:

Did you spot the copied line of dialogue from X-Men: Days Of Future Past in that second clip? What a neat little reference that is. Hopefully, there will lots of allusions to David’s parentage when Legion season 2 arrives on our screens.

Legion season 2 will debut on FOX, for UK viewers, on April 17th.