Lost: ABC plays down talk of a revival


With plenty of popular television shows from the archive being revived of late, the question that popped up towards the end of last year was whether the infamous drama Lost, from ABC, may yet get some form of reboot.

The six series mystery remains chastised for its final episode, but it’s easy to forget how much good stuff there was across the show’s run. However, the current president of ABC, Channing Dungley, has confirmed to TV Line that there are currently no plans to revive Lost in any form.

“We have not had any official discussions about that”, he said. “It’s something that’s on a list of ‘wouldn’t that be great if… ,’ but at this point it’s only at that place”.

As such, it’s pretty much as you were. ABC won’t rule it out, but conversely, it doesn’t appear to be on the roster anytime soon.

TV Line