Matt Lucas says Nardole will be ‘more textured’ in new ‘Doctor Who’ season

Little Britain star Matt Lucas has revealed that his Doctor Who character will be developed further when he returns to the show next year.

It was officially announced on Tuesday that the comedy actor will be joining the cast of Doctor Who as a regular in Season 10, which begins filming next week.

Lucas tweeted yesterday: “I’m so excited about these Doctor Who scripts I can barely sleep. I’m a happy zombie.”

He added: “I love how Nardole is becoming more textured.”

Doctor Who The Husbands of River Song Nardole (MATT LUCAS)

Matt Lucas made his debut as Nardole, who met the Doctor on the human colony of Mendorax Dellora in the year 5343, in last year’s Christmas special, ‘The Husbands of River Song’.

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The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC One in spring 2017, with Pearl Mackie joining Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as new companion Bill.

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Are you looking forward to the return of Nardole? Let us know below…

  • Mat Greenfield

    EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it: Television character to have personality!

    Next you’ll be telling me he’s going to say stuff and do things!

    Sorry, I’m just annoyed because Matt Lucas feels wasted on Nardole. He’s one of my favourite comedy performers but he was lumped with this forgettable void of a character and told to use his generic “tweedledum” voice that Lucas rolls out when he’s not really trying. He’s capable of so much more!

    I’m vainly hoping that we’ll get another Catherine Tate situation, but at least I didn’t forget Donna was even in her Christmas special! I should be glad that they’re giving Matt Lucas more time on screen to do more with his performance, but they’ve started off from such a low starting point that there’s only so far they can believably take it. Scrap Nardole and let Matt Lucas create a character of his own!

    • Dr. Moo

      “at least I didn’t forget Donna was even in her Christmas special” – With how Donna came across in that particular episode that’s not really a good thing, is it?

      • Eter Puralis

        Oh come on, she was cute.

        • Dr. Moo

          Later on she became my second-favourite companion (behind the Brig) but on her debut she was rubbish.

          • The Brig isn’t a companion, though, he’s more like the Doctor’s fixer.

          • Dr. Moo

            The BBC website recognises him as a companion and that’s good enough for me. 🙂

          • Fair enough, but I’m just saying… he’s not a guy who travels with the Doctor. He’s not his companion through time and space.

          • SteveF

            He was a companion/antagonist/friend when The Doctor couldn’t travel through time and space. I’d say a series of that qualifies.

      • Mat Greenfield

        True, but at least she had a character to develop. I can’t remember a single thing that Nardole did in that special. Matt Lucas should never leave that little an impact.

    • Daniel

      We may get another Clara type situation though where the character essentially gets reinvented when they reappear. Perhaps the Doctor is able somehow to either sort out Nardole’s head/body issues or he picks him up through a wibbly wobbly hand wavey time distirtion where he is a whole person. The character then can be whatever the writers want and since we know zip about him from HORS, they can create a rich backstory. Matt is a perfectly fine actor and sounds as though he is very excited about the way Nardole is being developed for series 10. I have every faith that the show runner who gave us the best series in the entire history of the show and the lead actor who is being touted as an Emmy nominee by the LA Times and a sparkling new companion, not to mention a slew of great writers will develop and support Matt in bringing us a terrific character.

      P.S. check out the LA Times Goldderby article touting Peter as a worthy Emmy nominee. It’s very flattering for Peter as the site has singled him out as a worthy nominee for Best Actor and is appealing for Emmy voters to nominate him, rather than the BBC pushing Peter forward for a fakey fakey interview. Both Peter and Moffat are on the Emmy longlist this year as Who has become eligible through its BBCA funding I guess in the same way Sherlock is. What a coup for the show!

      • NeuroticElevator

        I love you, Man. Took the words right out of my mouth

  • Allen Walker

    Is he gonna get his body back?