Moffat and Capaldi returning for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10?

Two new reports this week appear to confirm that Doctor Who exec Steven Moffat and star Peter Capaldi will both be back next year.

Peter Capaldi joined the show as the Twelfth Doctor in 2013 and his second season is currently airing on BBC One.

Season 10 will be Steven Moffat’s sixth season as showrunner.

Speaking to, Moffat commented: “I’m just embarking on the new [season] and it’s terrifying. I have to make all that again.”

Revealing what he’s most proud of on Doctor Who recently, he added: “We got some new writers in who I thought were really great. Jamie Mathieson and Peter Harness, and thank God for voices of new people writing. I love that, having new writers this year. Sarah Dollard, Cat Tregenna, so it’s always good getting people who are new to the show.”

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Steven Moffat

The Mirror reported this weekend that Peter Capaldi has agreed to stay on for “at least one more [season]”.

He has apparently agreed to “a new one-year deal with a further one-year option”.

A BBC source is quoted as saying: “Peter has made it clear he is happy playing the Doctor for as long as the BBC – and viewers – want him … Peter is keen to complete three years playing the Doctor to round off his storylines. That will take us until the end of next year. After that, who knows?”

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What are your hopes for Season 10? Let us know below…

  • This is brilliant news! In Capaldi we have one of the best (if not THE best) actor to ever play the Doctor and in Moffat we have the best showrunner and possibly the best writer to ever contribute to the show. Almost everything this pair have touched has turned to gold. The days of the gurning shouty one and his doe-eyed companions are long behind us now!

    I hope Capaldi makes it to series 12 at a minimum, thus equalling Pertwee, but maybe Moffat should leave after series ten – though if series 9 is anything to go by he’s hit a second wind and if it ain’t broke…

    • Leah McGrew

      I think Tom Baker was a very hard act to beat, but there were some clicker episodes. However, I think Moffat is the BEST show runner EVER!!!

  • Daniel

    Great news if confirmed. This series has shown that we have the best actor, best doctor, best companion and best show runner of the modern series. Capaldi was always expected to be great but boy oh boy, he’s been simply amazing each week. The writing this year has also been sensationally good – last week was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing the show has ever had and even Moffat has lifted his game this year with the opening two parter a stunner.
    Very happy with this combination and although Moffat has been at the reins for quite a while, he’s shown that he can reinvent the show and keep coming up with fresh ideas each year – I am quite sure he has been inspired by Capaldi as well. Peter’s casting really restored the show to good health after the last two “boyfriend” doctors as Moffat calls them. Matt was a great actor but I think the writing failed him towards the end and he got a little too silly. Tennant never played the doctor, just himself and seemed too concerned with boosting his image and furthering his career to be honest. To be fair, he did suffer with the worst spell of writing in the show. I loved Eccleston despite the poor writing and good to see another adult proper actor playing the part. Peter reminds me of the best of Pat, Jon and Tom.

  • Helles

    Good both on board for series 10. But when? Probably late next year or 2017 but it’s quality over quantity and if a slight delay in getting series 10 means we get to keep both Moffat and Peter, that seems fair. Series 9 is already up with series 5 as the best in new Who. Moffat deserves at least one more series as he has turned things around again this year to give us a really super series.

    • Stephen Barton

      I loved season 5 and am also loving season 9.

  • John McJohnson

    Unnecessary hate comments in 3, 2, 1…

    • We’ll ignore the inevitable hate, as we always do. Constructive criticism is welcome but hate is beyond childish.

      • John McJohnson

        Absolutely right, but they’re still bloody annoying!

    • I hate news that sources the Mirror.

  • Angela Rice

    I have loved each actor’s portrayal of The Doctor. I think Peter Capaldi is doing and excellent job. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

  • Walt

    I’m not sure if this is good news or not! For me the jury is out still for Mr Capaldi. I think last Saturday’s episode was one of the worst ( in 50+ years) just boring with a few very old jokes and all the action in the last 5 minutes. As for the “close-up” shots of The Doctor riding a horse, what can one say………

    • I wasn’t too crazy about the last two episodes. As much as I love the show, well I wouldn’t be surprised if people get turned off. I see Capalidi as a great Dr but they need to get him out of the shadows and more in the light. He should be the main character, not a secondarily with all about Clara being in the front. She isn’t the Dr. so why is everything all about her?
      When he states why did I give myself his face? And he answers himself with I’m the Dr and I help people. Why did that seem to just thrown in for no reason, and its not built on..There was really no reason for it, so why say it anyway?

  • fish8100

    Thank goodness. Really happy to hear this! So we should be getting a series next year as well then! Was worried from what I read.

    • Hate to be that person but… this doesn’t confirm series ten for next year, it only confirms that series ten will definitely happen. If it means we can still get Moffat and Capaldi to be involved I don’t mind how long we wait. Quality over quantity.

      • fish8100

        True. I guess I just assumed from where it says that ‘Moffat and Capaldi will be back next year’. Doesn’t mean the series will actually air next year I guess.

        • Edward Delingford

          This is the right attitude. Quality over quantity as they say and if it takes them a little longer to give us the quality of writing and acting we’ve had so far this year I am more than fine with that. Plus it means we get more Sherlock in 2017 as well which is always a great thing.

  • Paul Noble

    I think Peter Capaldi is brilliant as The Doctor. He’s brought some of the traits that my childhood Doctors had. Would love to see an event where he puts that guitar to good use.

    • Edward Delingford

      I think it’s a no-brainer for Children in Need. DW always does something and I am sure Capaldi would leap at the chance to do some little skit or other. Fingers crossed. I expect we’ll hear shortly or they may want to keep it as a surprise.

      • Daniel

        Oh God, yes please. The guitar is the best thing. I appreciate that the sonic sunglasses are great for kids as they are a cheap way to look like the doctor but they hide Peter’s very expressive face and the attack eyebrows – I bet River will have something to say about them at Christmas time.

  • Bring back RTD because we need more stories with farting aliens, comedians wearing nappies, bj-giving paving slabs, house elf Doctor, companion romances, disrespect for the classics, sex you Doctor clones, everyone on earth thinking of the Doctor which somehow works… Right.

    More Moffat can only be a good thing.

    • Mrs F

      Ha! You’ve got him pegged.

    • vegastearoom

      “disrespect for the classics” Here here! RTD took an old flea bit show that was mothballed for dead in the annals of TV history, updated it, gave it depth and modern CGI and successfully launched a NEW show that modern audiences like.

      • Matthew Hewitt

        Nah, he took the motifs from the original and applied them to ideas nicked from U.S shows that were often at odds with one another. You can hardly credit him with introducing CGI, either as it’s a no-brainer on any show that you use whatever current techniques are at your disposal. As for ‘depth’ I think this is overstated and was nothing more than elements of Soap Opera to lure in viewers who ordinarily wouldn’t touch SF, certainly conceptually there were far more stronger and intelligent ideas in 80’s Who than there was under RTD. I also don’t think the original series was as ‘mothballed’ as you claim – it remained a big enough cult for large quantities of merchandise to be still viable and from the time it finished in 1989 people within the film and television industries were pushing to bring it back (many of them fans themselves).

        • Helles

          There is so much history rewriting around RTD. As much as he likes to claim that he was the one who convinced the BBC to bring back DW, it was actually Jane Tranter and others in the BBC who worked quietly behind the scenes to make it happen and RTD only came on board once the decision to resurrect it had been made. Also, Mal Young, one of the producers in series 1 should also get a lot more credit but he’s been wiped from history as well.
          RTD has admitted that he nicked most of his concepts for the revived Who from Buffy and he deliberately targeted young girls by injecting unneeded romance and soap opera elements which badly damaged the integrity of the show until Moffat blasted a lot of this unnecessary baggage in series 5.
          It’s true that RTD had populist bones and made the show very broad and cartoonish to appeal to younger children but it never took the risks or challenged the intellect the way the classic show did (and Moffat would return to doing). It says a lot that series 5 and 6 are the most popular and acclaimed in the show’s revived run. It only really hit its peak here when Matt Smith came on board and of course, RTD/Tennant’s version of the show never took off overseas, but it was series 5 which exploded the popularity of the show across the US, Australia, Canada etc To take over a show which has been on air for five years and make it more popular and well regarded is possibly the thing which most people fail to give credit to Moffat.
          The only thing we really need give proper thanks to RTD for was giving Moffat free rein in his individual episodes each series and persuading Tennant to leave at the same time he stepped off. While RTD left a bunch of ‘f-you’ plot lines for his successor and insistently beat the audience over the head that Tennant was the only ‘true’ doctor, he did leave with some reasonable grace.
          It’s so frustrating now with the constant bashing of Moffat and glorifying of RTD’s era that there is no reality check.
          Capaldi and Moffat have been closest to the spirit of the classic series where there was no talking down to the audience, there were genuinely risk taking and audacious ideas and excellent storylines undiluted by unnecessary pandering to the lowest common denominator.

          • Andrew Tomlinson

            When has RTD ever said that HE persuaded the BBC to bring the show back? He has always credited Gardner and Tranter with being the machine behind its return. As far as using Doctor Who to boost egos Davies stands in the shadow of the Ego Titan that is Steven Moffat. Davies was invited, along with a number of other TV writers, to pitch for the series EP/Head writer’s job. He got the job on merit.
            You also need to give Davies credit for turning out the most consistently popular version of Doctor Who of all time… Making it closer to the spirit of the classic series is what is making normal people watch other stuff instead. Hence the current runs decline in viewers and AI scores.
            To paraphrase some other muppet on here… if you want to watch Classic series, go watch a DVD of the War Games.

    • Ethelfred

      If you’d said this after series 7, no way for more Moffat but he’s really lifted his game since the 50th. I think casting Peter was the key as it allowed the show to have a much more grown up vibe and allowed a greater range of stories. The cool young doctors might have been fine for the kiddies but Peter has the right touch of authority and gravitas you need to have in the lead role + we are finally free of the stupid romance angle which made most of Davies’ run unwatchable for those of us who aren’t teenage girls.

    • Edward Delingford

      Hear, hear. I’d suggest all of those salivating for a return of Tennant simply find a copy of series 2 and try to watch it without twitching to fast forward, laughing or turning off in disgust. Too much selective memories from people only wanting to bash Moffat. While people may not agree with everything he’s done, he’s never gone to the depths of ineptitude in writing and poor taste into which Davies plunged the show during his tenure.

    • Gareth Murray

      In “A Good Man Goes To War”, Moffat introduced the inter species lesbians, with the less than subtle reference to cunnilingus.

  • Mrs F

    My Doctor is Hartnell. Capaldi’s the closest anyone’s yet come to him. More please!

  • Shadowbane2009

    I really hope he stays…Capaldi really makes this show feel right at home. It feels like the classic days 🙂

  • Marcel Gommans

    Why is everyone so enthousiastic about Moffat? Doesn’t everybody realise he nearly killed the franchise last year?!? Clara was a complete dissaster and ruined the season. The stories were so bad even Capaldi could not show his talents. This year thinks look a bit better. But we are not there yet! What will happen bext season? 12 Episodes of a few specials instead? Funny how we hire people to be the showrunner and the main character who cannot give 100% because they want to do other things as well. Bloody irritating and unacceptable!

  • vegastearoom

    David did three, Matt did three, any inkling if Capaldi will be going beyond three?

    • No need on that yet as best I can tell but I’m hoping he’ll go for five minimum to equal Pertwee.

      • Edward Delingford

        Me too. It would be a shame that the best actor we’ve ever had in the role didn’t get to show his full potential due to some silly scare mongering and mishandling by the BBC.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat

        I’ll give him four but I think he may stick to three…

  • SimonWatkins

    Lots of murmers about season 10, but none of those quotes mention anything about it happening next year, do they?

  • Ethelfred

    Very happy with Peter as it feels more like the show I loved so much growing up. This series has been great including some very well written stories and good to see the return of cliffhangers. Steven Moffat seems to have got his ‘mojo’ back this year as well and I honestly think this year’s series so far is just as good as series 5 which to my mind is the best of the new lot. Golden years for the show for me with Capaldi/Moffat (and also hope to see much more of Michelle Gomez who has also brought a big kick back to the show).

  • Edward Delingford

    Hmmm – let’s see. Fan concern about ratings falling from the previous series, people complaining that the new guy is too different from the last and hasn’t found his niche yet, stories seen as being too throw away and lacking the originality of the previous series; handwringing in the media that as a result the show might not make it through another series; speculation that the leading man simply isn’t connecting with the audience; dropping AIs.
    Yes, that’s series 2 of new Who in a nutshell. People do seem to have selective memories but what is being said now about Peter is pretty much what was said at the time that Tennant’s first series aired. There was a decline in viewership and lots of complaints that Tennant wasn’t a patch on Eccleston and was turning off fans. There was even an op ed piece in The Guardian after Doomsday aired as a kind of vale for new Who, suggesting that the show couldn’t survive after losing both Chris and Billie, that the stories were getting worse, that audiences were turning off because they didn’t like the new direction of the story telling and that the new guy needed to find his groove and tone down his overacting otherwise they should consider binning him to allow the show to survive.
    The fact that Matt’s first series was such a smash success critically and brought back a lot of viewers who had tired of Tennant and Davies isn’t the norm for a first series, it’s proved to be an outlier. Just as Tennant’s first series was viewed by most to be much more miss than hit, it wasn’t until about halfway through his second that things started to click. Precisely it was the run of three good, highly popular and universally acclaimed episodes in a row, the first time this had happened in Tennant’s run – and of course this would be the last time it happened as well (Human Nature two parter and Blink).
    If you look at this analogue and compare this with some of the perspectives on Peter’s first two series, my bet is that the Zygon two parter will be the same as Human Nature and steady things as these are shaping up as sure crowd pleasers and then the tide will turn and just as Tennant in retrospect took until halfway through series 3 to win over most of fandom (yes I know that there are large numbers who have always despised him but I mean the majority of viewers), I think this week will see the same kind of turning point for Peter. I expect we’ll see a rise in viewing and AIs as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next two episodes crack high 80s.
    That’s all it takes to turn the doom-mongering into positivity and that’s what happened back in series 2/3. It’s fine in retrospect and after series 4 to think that Tennant was always popular, but that simply isn’t the case. I imagine after series 10, a similar myth will arise that Peter was popular with all fans from the getgo, simply because by then we’ll have had three series of Peter under our belts and most likely the latter half of the second and all of the third will be immensely popular, just as Tennant’s were.
    Looking forward very much to visiting here on Saturday night to see all of the love flowing to Peter and the series.

    • ElleOz

      Please don’t mention the absolute Wose luvvy dovey garbage that was series 2 in the same breath as series 9. Tennant isn’t worthy to so much as touch Capaldi’s Doc Martins when it coes to acting or being the Doctor!

      • Andrew Tomlinson

        You need to learn the difference between “I think…” and “What is real…”.
        If S2 was “garbage” then S9 is currently the bacteria that eats the garbage and releases the stink.
        For a moment in fact for the whole of episode three, it looked like some thought had gone into it… but the last four episodes have been almost as bad as Kill The Moon. (Almost…) The first two were the usual Moff penned effort where you are best advised not to think about what’s going on because the minute you do almost every action and motivation is revealed to be either nonsensical or just plain stupid, but that’s par for the course. I’d hoped new writers wouyld improve the situation, but that mess with Lion-O and Rufus Hound doing “Doctor Doctor” jokes on the gibbet was a new level of puerile.

    • SimonWatkins

      I think you’re the one with the selective memory here. Season 2 ratings held up remarkably well against season 1’s ratings, and were an unqualified success. The history you’re presenting is pure fantasy.

      In comparison season 9 is over 1m viewers down on season 8, if you compare it epsiode for epsiode and in the context of similar competion. There’s no way you can spin it differently, the performance of season 9 so far is bound to seen as “disappointing” at Who towers. It’s ridiculous to compare this situation to the very favourable ratings of series 2.

  • _Starrfire_

    Love Capaldi, he’s great. Moffat on the other hand…. *sigh*

  • Leah McGrew

    More more more!!! I want more Capaldi!

  • ElleOz

    Love Capaldi. This year is as good as series 5 but in a different way. Series 5 was a dark fairytale about hope and second chances while series 9 is like a tone poem with the doctor learning the consequences of his actions and that it may include Clara.. I think Moffat is doing a great job and there is nobody yet to replace him but Peter must stay as he’s the best doctor we have ever had and brings real class at last to the role.

  • Daniel

    Hope we get more Whithouse and Tregenna in series 10. They both write really well for Peter’s doctor. My ideal writing team would include Whithouse, Tregenna, Moffat (finale), Gaiman, Mathieson, Macrae, Harness and Cornell. Please no more Chibnall (he’ll be lucky if anyone ever hires him again after the unmitigated disaster that was Broadchurch) and no more Gatiss (great for Smith, not to my taste for Peter). If Dollard does Peter proud, then it would be great for her to come back too and Moffat is a big fan. Pretty well all the new to Who writers Moffat has brought on board have been good, so let him bring in some new blood as well and let’s have at least one or two two-parters. Amando Ianucci would be the dogs whatsits though and really hoping Peter can persuade him to come on board.

  • Rhyanna

    Russell Davies was the best Doctor Who Writer, Tom Baker, David Tennant Were the Best Doctors. so far no one has topped those two. Some have come close, but not quite.