Neil Gaiman wants to write ‘Doctor Who’ ep for Capaldi

Neil Gaiman has revealed that he is keen to write a third episode of Doctor Who.

The author previously wrote 2011’s ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ and 2013’s ‘Nightmare in Silver’.

Gaiman told Audrey Niffenegger in New York: “Whenever I’m in the UK, I sneak into meetings with [the production team]. They say, ‘Can you do another one?!’ and I say, ‘Yes! But not yet!’”

He added: “Now I’m just sort of hoping that I can get one done while Peter Capaldi is still the Doctor, because it would be a very sad thing if I lost my chance to write for a grumpy, Scottish Doctor.”

Doctor Who Series 8 Peter Capaldi

Gaiman previously commented: “…I haven’t done an episode set on Earth yet, and I haven’t created a new monster. So there are boxes left to tick. And there’s part of me that feels… I haven’t scared anybody yet. I’d love to do something that sends adults behind the sofa too and makes them wee.”

Season 8 continues on BBC One this weekend with ‘Dark Water’.

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Would you like Neil Gaiman to return to Doctor Who? Let us know below…

  • Missy Moker

    oh hell yes

  • Kellisanth

    If he can do one as great as the “Doctor’s Wife,” then YES PLEASE!

  • Kelli Kimmel Snyder

    let him, let him write 2 or 4 or a season….

  • Frédérick Beaulé

    Even if Capaldi were to not be the doctor anymore, he could still write comics, novels or audiobooks with the 12th doctor.

  • Lazeebee

    Yes please! Make it happen Mr Moffat. Peter Capaldi + Neil Gaiman = Perfection.

  • Bryan Braddock

    Not really.
    The Doctor’s wife was a good story in parts, due mostly to the central performance of Suranne Jones and some great comedic moments courtesy of Matt Smith,Adrian Schiller & Elizabeth Berrington.
    However House was not a particularly interesting adversary and the conceit of having a machine housed within a human body is hardly an original one.
    Nightmare in silver was mind numbingly dreadful. perhaps due to the restrictions placed on the writer by Moffat (having to include the awful children) for one. However for a writer much lauded by fandom I expected far more from Gaiman.
    If he returns one day then fair enough, but I’m not clamoring for it.
    I would much rather see dynamic new writers get a chance, hopefully a woman.