Netflix orders Bright 2 – but there’s no Max Landis this time

The reviews were hostile, but for Netflix’s $90m Will Smith movie Bright, the watching figures were high. It’s apparently the highest viewed new Netflix-backed movie on the streaming service in its first week, and the star power of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton didn’t hurt in that regards. Nor did a hefty marketing budget.

The film was penned by Max Landis, who reportedly picked up over $3m for his trouble. It was directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer, and as had been hinted before its release in December, an official sequel has now been greenlit.

Interestingly, though, Landis won’t be involved this time, it seems. Over Christmas, he was the latest in the film industry to be accused of inappropriate behaviour by a number of women. Bright 2 is instead set to be written by David Ayer, who will return to direct.

Also back will by Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. It’s unclear yet when to expect the new film, though.

Bright is available to stream on Netflix now.