Roswell reboot ordered by CW

Days after the CW have announced that they have ordered a pilot for Charmed, they have released information about plans for another Millennial show. This also comes off the back of the announcement of a Riverdale spin off and reboot of a Melissa Joan Heart fronted show; Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Rowell starred Jason Behr, Brendon Fehr and Kathrine Heigl as stranded human/alien hybrid teens living in Roswell, New Mexico. The show started strong and centred around the budding romance of the two lead characters Max and Liz after a robbery gone wrong leads to Max revealing his supernatural powers to earth bound Liz. However, the show’s shift from character-driven and emotional heavy plots into a much more science fiction based drama had it’s fan base decline and WB pulled the plug after only three series.

CW, however think it’s time for a revival. The TV Network that hosts the DC anthology of shows including Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow is developing the reboot. 2018 is the perfect time for a show like this to tackle the ongoing issues regarding immigration, which is believed to be its underlining theme according to Executive Producer and writer Carina McKenzie. The political and social relevancy of immigration cannot be ignored when you’re plot involves character driven out of their own home due to the dramatic upheaval of their people.

Being in its developmental stage, no casting has yet been announce. Carina McKenzie’s involvement in the Orginals could perhaps see her reunited with stars like Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis, even if it’s only in a guest starring capacity.

More news about casting as it’s announced.