‘Shameless’: Series 11 storyline details revealed

The last ever series of Shameless will be “as celebratory, defiant and as unapologetic as ever”, Channel 4 has promised.

The channel announced yesterday that the drama’s eleventh series will be the last and will air early next year.

Here are some plot teasers for the 14-part final series of Shameless:

» The stalwarts of the Chatsworth find themselves thriving in the Double Dip recession.

» Stella Gallagher runs the Gallagher roost with a rod of steel – aged six!

» Jamie Maguire discovers he isn’t a pure blood Maguire and introduces the estate to his Muslim half-brother Kassi (Jalaal Hartley – The Borgias) and his Jewish cooking mad wife Esther (Isy Suttie – Peep Show) as they disembark on the estate with their four feral children in tow.

» Mimi Maguire (Tina Malone) makes saving the local school her personal mission.

» Frank finds himself climbing the employment ladder as the janitor of “St Mimi’s” School and falls into the arms of the Gastric Bandits – a prostitute double act, Sherilee and Derilee (Sarah Totty and Sue Vincent).

» Fireworks fly when Avril (Karen Bryson) moves in with her loud and overbearing sister Patreesha (Jacqueline Boatswain – Grange Hill) and niece Mary Mae (introducing 21 year old Adelle Leonce).

» Chesney (Qasim Akhtar) opens up a chemist section in Chescos, run by white Muslim atom bomb on a timer Ramona (Moya Brady).

» Lip Gallagher (Jody Latham) turns up mid series – and nothing has changed between father and son.

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