Steven Moffat ‘actively engaged’ in search for new ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has admitted that finding his replacement has become “a big problem.”

Steven Moffat has been showrunner since 2010’s Season 5 and will return for Season 10, although there have been reports that this will not be airing next year.

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Moffat told Radio Times: “That is an issue and one I’m actively engaged in but I can’t say much about that. Everything is difficult in Doctor Who, including leaving, and I would never do anything to harm it. I would never leave it in the lurch because it means too much to me. Yes, it’s a problem. Let’s not pretend it’s not a big problem. But there will be a solution.”

He added: “In terms of the emotional difficulty of leaving, it’s hard … I take it a year at a time and that’s the only answer I’ll ever give on that one. How hard [will it be to give up], I don’t know … I won’t be leaving because I’m suddenly miserable. It’ll be because I want to do something else.”

Steven Moffat

Asked whether he would continue to write for the show once he’s departed as showrunner, Moffat commented: “I’ve no idea until I’m there. I mean, I can understand Russell [T Davies not doing it]. I’m gobsmacked by how much Doctor Who I’ve written – an insane amount.”

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Who do you think should be the next showrunner? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    Steven Moffat’s not going anywhere yet which is good news. The man’s a genius, no two ways about that. The best thing to ever happen to the show was him becoming showrunner. Finding his eventual replacement will not be easy.

    At the moment my top picks would be a joint effort from Toby Whithouse and Peter Harness: both can write good stuff, both respect the show’s history and both have experience at running a series.

    • John McJohnson

      Look out Moo, your first paragraph – though 100% accurate – opens you up to haters!

      I agree, Harness and/or Whithouse. Otherwise someone from outside with a respect for the legacy they’re taking on. But please please PLEASE not Gatiss!

      • Dr. Moo

        I trust in Moffat to get it right but the problem is that there’s no obvious choice. He was the clear frontrunner to succeed Davies but there’s no equivalent at the moment unless a collaboration is made.

    • David Brider

      Toby Whithouse would definitely get my vote.

  • Daniel

    I do wonder how the show can survive without Moffat as he has stamped his vision so firmly into the show as both a show runner and a writer. It’s a testament to his love of the show and strength of character that the blind hatred and vile comments he has had to endure since he took over from RTD only seem to have spurred him on to ever greater heights. The brilliance of series 9 shows he is at the height of his creative powers.
    Any objective list of all time great episodes of the show would be littered with those he has written. Just listing what are generally considered the best episode each series shows the spread of his genius – s1 – Doctor Dances, s2 – Girl in the Fireplace, s3 – Blink, s4 – Silence in the Library, s 5 – Big Bang, s6 – Impossible Astronaut, s7 – Asylum of the Daleks, s8 – Listen, s9 – Heaven Sent and on top of that there are many many others of similar quality. He is not just the most prolific writer in modern Who but the best and most consistent by light years. There is only one script of his which I would not rate as either good or great and that’s Widow and even in that there are fabulous bits of dialogue and wonderful scenes.
    You can see it is really cutting him up inside that he can’t safely hand on the show as there simply isn’t anyone with the right credentials who is willing to take the yoke from his neck and who could continue to level of quality and integrity the show has since he took over as show runner. What a thankless task it is too with so many so-called fans sniping and snipping and the newspapers running outright lies and half truths most of the time. While I’d be more than happy for him to continue as long as he needs, at some point he will need to leave if only for the sake of his health. After Sherlock and Who it is exciting to think what other television masterpieces he might create too.
    I think Harness is the obvious choice but they may need to wait a little longer before he is available.
    In the meantime we have series 10 with the always magnificent Peter Cap to look forward to and Moffat has already hinted at a lot of the wonderful things coming together for that.
    Rather than the media constantly criticising Steven Moffat, why aren’t they celebrating the fact that he has just delivered the best series in 52 years of the show and has made it a massive international hit. Makes you shake your head sometimes and feel a tiny bit of his frustration.

    • Ash Kershaw

      Chris Chibnall would be an astoundingly good replacement, it’s whether or not they could get him. He’s already showrun the Whoniverse with Torchwood; he writes brilliant Who and has written a good few episodes; he’s a massively successful exec with massive shows like The Great Train Robbery and Broadchurch. He has so many great projects of his own though – although Broadchurch will be completed from 2017.

    • john lyttle

      Graveyards are full of irreplaceable men.

  • Hh

    If series 10 is even half way as satisfying as series 9 was, happy for Moffat to stay as long as he needs. He is now pretty well irreplaceable as his era of the show just towers over everything else that has gone before.
    I just don’t think the show can survive when Moffat and Capaldi leave and maybe a few years rest is called for. By then, who knows how television will be consumed and it would be great for a whole new generation of viewers to learn to know the doctor and its fantastic legacy in whatever form media takes. Those who grew up loving Matt’s doctor will be able to pass on the baton to the next generation.

    • john lyttle

      The graveyards of the world are full of irreplaceable men.

  • Michael Murray

    Give it to J J Abrams, so we can have lens flares all over the galaxy!

  • Karl Swift

    I’ll do it

  • elfauno1970RESPAWNED

    Neil gaiman for sure

  • Lee

    Moffat is an idiot who has nearly destroyed the show. He has turned the show into something grotesque and unwatchable, hence the steadily declining ratings. Thank God he’s leaving. I don’t understand why it has taken so long.

    • Dr. Moo

      Wrong on all counts.

      1– He’s not an idiot. His storylines have been the cleverest and most intricately constructed plots ever to be broadcast on television.
      2– He’s not destroyed the show. Inarguably series nine was the best season in 52 years.
      3– The ratings are as good as ever. Less people watch live but that’s true of every show and overall there’s been no decline.
      4– He’s not leaving. Try actually reading the article before commenting.

      • paul berkshire

        Big changes are afoot in the BBC in the next few years anyway. IMO Moffat has been an excellent Dr Who producer. But the show will inevitably go to an independent company. The whole franchise will go to the highest bidder.

        • john lyttle

          Mind reading and prediction are best left to the Sisterhood. They always get it right. Everyone else tends to get it very badly wrong.

      • Joe Cogan

        Hyperbolic much? Season 9 was mostly great (thanks largely to Peter Capaldi, and to Moffat sheepishly remembering that the show is called “Doctor Who”, not “Clara And Her Alien Friend”) but that doesn’t make up for an awful Season 8, and it was hardly the best of even the new series, much less of all time.

  • J. Walter Swartz

    I’d do it.

  • Darren Stuart

    This guy is an abomination to the history of the series, he made The Master a pathetic Mary Poppins joke, he vomited on the memory of Nicholas Courtney, he turned DW into a pathetic soap opera about Clara and her non-entity life, he’s produced two of the worst seasons in new DW history back-to-back, the audience are leaving by the millions, sack this fool along with his hack mate Mark Gatiss.and let them write garbage Sherlock instead of destroying a series i love.

    • Lemmy Koopa

      If we want to get technical, the show has been a soap opera since Rose

      • Darren Stuart

        Ratings are the worst in new DW history, Cyberbrig was a revolting sick joke against a beloved character, Missy is a revolting sick joke against a beloved character, series 9 was full of derivative hack crap written by Moffat/Gatiss/Whitehouse, it was still marginally better than series 8 but as that was the worst series ever to be called DW in over 50 years — Moffat should have been sacked last year.

        • David Miano

          I can’t believe they would turn an important character into a Cyberman. I mean, that’s like turning Capt. Picard into a Borg…oh wait…

        • Dr. Moo

          Series 8 & 9 are among the best seasons ever produced. Series nine was THE best. If you think series 8 is the worst then you need to watch all the other seasons and see the error of your ways.

          The worst is series 2 followed by season 24.

          • Darren Stuart

            Someone who thinks Series 8 was anything other than total bs has that for brains.

          • Dr. Moo

            And by descending to that level you’ve undermined any point you have to make.

            Happy Christmas.

          • John McJohnson

            Don’t swear. You’ve already made yourself look like an idiot, don’t use that sort of language or you’ll make it worse.

          • Y’ve mt wth trrbl ft, hvn’t y?

            Don’t rise to it, he’s clearly a troll and Dr. Moo has already put him in his place.

          • Dr. Moo

            To be fair to John McJohnson, troll-baiting is so much fun. You can’t blame John for joining in with me.

    • eldee

      I want him to stay on just because it annoys self-important idiots like this…

  • Christian Hanneman

    Would anyone else want to produce the show? It’s ten years old now and no one may be interested.

  • Sean Wilkinson

    get jj abrams to take over doctor who.. why not hes done well with star trek and now star wars

    • He would only direct the first episode and then leave, true to JJ abrams fashion.

  • Ryan Upton

    Does he even have my number?

  • Wag

    Paul Cornell or Nicholas Briggs please! Or both!

    • Sue_DeNimm

      Paul Cornell… his TV episodes have been mediocre and I like some but not all his novels – but book writing and TV writing are very different. Can’t but note all bar one of his Big Finish audio stories were written with other authors. And never seems to had any lead writer or producer role – I’d want to know more about why you think he’s close to right for this sort of role.

      Whereas Nicholas Briggs – been executive producer of the audio range for years and (although I can’t find a list) suspect that he has written more Who than Stephen Moffat. An obvious choice that I can’t understand why is never mentioned. The right man for the job.

  • tg p

    Nicholas Briggs, please.

  • Grace Bridges

    How about Capaldi himself? He’s going to hate leaving when the time comes, so why not simply shift to another role… He has some experience in writing/producing, but above all, he’s the biggest fan this world has ever seen!

  • Myk Lee

    I will go. I will take the Tardis to Gallifrey. I shall be the new Doctor.

  • Tori Gibson

    if only neil gaiman could come back and run the thing

  • DocFuzion

    Any good author and writer who understands how an overarching plot works, coupled with a LOVE for the show will do well. If a person doesn’t love the background of the show, they’ll never get it.

    While moffat and RTD got a lot of crap for their styles, they did propel Doctor Who forward into the modern era. The time is come to find the right person who has the same love and care for the show that they do…one who respects the fan base, but understands you can’t always leave it to them.

    Personally, if it were me who was selected (seriously, how does one apply for this job?) I’d be tackling the long-awaited answer to the Valeyard and that whole dark side of the Doctor that’s been poked at over the past series…and it needs to come to a head soon.

    But that’s just me. 🙂