Will Clara have a new love interest in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9?

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has confirmed if Clara will be moving on from Danny Pink in the new season with another romance.

Asked by Yael Tygiel at Comic-Con in San Diego if Clara is going to find a new love interest, Coleman revealed: “Absolutely not.”

She explained: “I think what [Danny’s death] has done to Clara is kind of changed her whole perspective on life. She’s no longer got the ties to Earth that she had before. She just wants to be in the TARDIS and just wants to hang out with the Doctor and just wants that to be her world and makes it so.”

Doctor Who Clara Danny

Coleman also hinted at Comic-Con that some of the new season’s stories will be “more political.”

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Season 9 has been filming in Cardiff since January and will begin on BBC One on Saturday 19 September.

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What are your hopes for Clara in Season 9? Let us know below…

  • Annette Suding

    I feel like that’ll really backfire. I think she’ll change as a person, and it may go to the old rose storyline where they said one day she’d come back and she wouldn’t be the same person

  • Doctor Moo

    The title of the article is misleading. To use the article’s own text: ‘Asked […] if Clara is going to find a new love interest, Coleman revealed: “Absolutely not.”‘

    So will Clara have a new love interest? No.

  • Lemmy Koopa

    Jenna just said she won’t, so the title is really misleading and reeks of clickbait.

    However, I am really glad she won’t. If there’s anything I’m tired of in NeWho, it’s all the romance. It’s sad that one of the reasons why people love Donna is that she didn’t fall for the Doctor. That should be the norm.

  • ThePurpleFrockCoat

    Jenna said “absolutely not!” Its a no.

  • guest

    I really hope there is no romance. Danny was a weak point for me, very little chemistry. It’s not always necessary to have a love interest. Also, the new season will be ‘more political’? Don’t like the sound of that… :s