Will there be two-parters again in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10?

Doctor Who exec Steven Moffat has hinted that, following 2015’s run of two-part stories, the next season’s format will be “something else”.

Season 9 featured four two-part stories – ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ / ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ by Steven Moffat, ‘Under the Lake’ / ‘Before The Flood’ by Toby Whithouse, ‘The Girl Who Died’ / ‘The Woman Who Lived’ by by Jamie Mathieson & Steven Moffat and Catherine Tregenna, and ‘The Zygon Invasion’ / ‘The Zygon Inversion’ by Peter Harness.

The season closed with an epic three-part tale; ‘Face The Raven’, ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘Hell Bent’ by Sarah Dollard and Steven Moffat. Only Mark Gatiss’s ‘Sleep No More’ was a single episode.

Doctor Who the Zygon Invasion Osgood (INGRID OLIVER)

Previously, Season 7 had a “movie-of-the-week approach” with big self-contained stories in 2012-2013, while 2011’s Season 6 featured a story arc for River Song running through all 13 episodes.

Writer Steven Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine: “Each year, we try to do something different – almost out of perversity, to make things more difficult for ourselves – so that we’re not getting into a groove, we’re not becomingly boringly expert at it, because there’s nothing so boring as when you get slick.”

The showrunner added: “I was very happy to get rid of two-parters when I did, and [in Season 9 I was] very happy to bring them back.”

He teased: “Something else will happen [in Season 10].”

Doctor Who Hell Bent Peter Capaldi Twelfth

The new season of Doctor Who is due to begin filming in May and is expected to launch with 2016’s Christmas special.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Peter Capaldi recently revealed that he hasn’t yet been invited to be in BBC Three’s upcoming Doctor Who spin-off, Class.

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  • Kevin Roberts

    “Expected to launch with 2016’s Christmas special.” Does this mean that we’re not getting any Doctor Who till Christmas day this year? As this would effectively mean that there is no Doctor Who in 2016, albeit 1 episode!

    • stuart1001

      Yes. I don’t think it’s a problem, unless you’re a very sad obsessive with no life to speak of. Series 10 will come round soon enough.

    • Dr. Moo

      The show survived the nineties, it’ll survive this too.

    • Charlieboy

      Its a ridiculous situation for any show to be in.

      • paul berkshire

        Not really. In 2009, there were just 3 ‘special’ episodes. And series 7 was split over 2 years.

        • Charlieboy

          Which was ridiculous, also!

          • paul berkshire

            There’s a Doctor Who spin off show called ‘Class’ scheduled for 2016. Also, there’s the audio productions, comics, books etc. ‘Dr Who’ as worldwide franchise is enormous, and hugely profitable. Will be interesting to see how the next 5 yrs go, especially with the political ramifications for the BBC when it is inevitably privatized.

  • Lemmy Koopa

    I like the two-parter approach much better and I hope they continue it. Two parters allow the story develop, and to be quite honest I’d rather have a strong story each week rather than a strong season arc with weaker individual stories.

    I guess my love for Classic Who format is showing but whatever

    • paul berkshire

      Yes, I’ve enjoyed series 8 & 9 far more than the later Matt Smith episodes for this precise same reason. Loved Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor, but (in particular in series 6 & 7) far too much was crammed into each episode, and the programme became increasingly complicated and hard to follow for the casual viewer.

    • GIU Shan

      that’s the good think , but the problem is wen it’s a bad episode and stays 2 weeks on air , also the first episode is allways some kind of lame episode without ending

      • Lemmy Koopa

        That is true, but given the frequency for two parters to be good versus single parters (comparing series 9 to 7-8 especially), the odds are definitely in favor of the two parters being better.

        And I love cliffhangers. That was a staple of Classic Who. I don’t mind the first part having a “lame” ending at all.

  • Dr. Moo

    The four strongest series nine stories were the four told in two-parts. The four weakest were the four told in standalone episodes. Go figure.

    • CultBox

      Steven Moffat says that even he can’t decide if eps 5/6 are a two-parter or not! We decided that if there’s a ‘to be continued’ at the end, then that means it’s a multi-part story 🙂

      • Dr. Moo

        It came across to me as a story and its sequel but if even the showrunner’s not sure then I guess it doesn’t matter.

        • Charlieboy

          If the showrunner doesn’t know, he shouldn’t be a showrunner!

          • paul berkshire

            I suspect Moffat will find another showrunner by the end of series 10. However, I hope he stays as a writer: all my favourite episodes of the last 10 yrs have been written by him.

      • paul berkshire

        I consider these episodes a ‘2 parter’, although episode 6 can be viewed as a stand alone with little knowledge of episode 5 (if you’ve missed it and want to catch up later).

  • Charlieboy

    Please can we have a series that has a beginning, a middle and an end – in that order?

    • Dr. Moo

      Series eight and series nine come to mind.

      • Charlieboy

        Series 9!!! Are you serious?

        • paul berkshire

          There’s never an ‘end’ or resolution of everything: that’s the whole point of a continuing production.

          • Charlieboy

            Of course there must be an end.
            There can be sequels, but an end nonetheless!
            If you watch any other drama, even soaps, there is a beginning, a middle and an end, to every thread.
            Moffat leaves so many plot holes, and unexplained events that he can’t finish a story!

          • russell

            I beg to differ Paul,when it comes to storytelling.A conclusion,is part of the process.

  • Michael Murray

    I would like a companion without superpowers. Since 2005, only Martha has fit this criteria.

    • keep searching

      maybe a companion who is from another time; or someone who is lonely and the tardis lands by him or her and he or she enters….
      or the doctor takes a companion who is not human at all

    • Dr. Moo

      It says a lot that Clara was a better character in series eight and nine after the whole business with The Impossible Girl was over.

  • keep searching

    “The new season of Doctor Who is due to begin filming in May and is expected to launch with 2016’s Christmas special.” So series 10 will broadcast in 2017?

  • Terrible Fate

    Go back to the classic format. Longer seasons that tell stories with clearly defined parts 1, 2, etc. across three-six episodes. That’s the best way to do DW.

  • Taylor Nielsen

    3 parters? A return to Pertwee era style stories?

  • Allison Green

    I wasn’t keen on the two-parters in S9 as I feel there was too much filler in each episode, just to eke it out to fill two episodes. I’d much rather have a tighter story that wraps up in a single episode, with maybe a two parter for the finale.

    I don’t mind a series arc in addition but only if it’s better than the one in S9 with Ashildr & the Hybrid as these didn’t really come to satisfactory conclusions.

    Shame it doesn’t look like we’re getting S10 until after Christmas 2016. Can’t they at least bung us a couple of one off episodes in Summer to tide us over? Come on BBC, there’s usually bugger all on that’s decent in May-August anyway!

  • vegastearoom

    Wait, season 10 will be one long arc with no individual episodes. It will be Doctor Who, the Soap Opera!

  • RoseByAnyOtherName

    Knowing Moffatt, I imagine he’ll have a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format and have fans call in and vote the direction they want the episode to go after the show. Like American Idol, except the votes actually count…