‘Doctor Who’ ratings round-up: Season 8 averages 7.4m viewers each week

The BBC has revealed that Peter Capaldi’s first season of Doctor Who reached an average consolidated audience of 7.4m viewers every week in the UK.

This an increase of 39% on the overnight figures reported the day after broadcast.

Season 8 concluded on BBC One earlier this month.

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An average audience of 9.2m watched Capaldi’s debut episode, ‘Deep Breath’, in August – the highest figure for a non-special episode (Christmas/50th anniversary) since 2010’s ‘The Eleventh Hour’.

Doctor Who Deep Breath

Season 7 had an average consolidated audience of 7.4m, while Season 6 was watched by 7.5m in 2011 and Season 5 attracted 7.3m in 2010.

BBC iPlayer requests for Season 8 totalled over 18.9m, averaging 1.6m requests for each episode.

BBC America’s consolidated figures for Season 8’s first 10 episodes saw a 23% uplift in total audience in Live+7 compared to Season 7 in the US.

Canada’s Space channel also saw a 22% uplift in consolidated audience size compared to Season 7 for the first 10 episodes of Season 8.

Doctor Who Deep Breath Matt Smith

Showrunner Steven Moffat commented: “We never take it for granted, but the miracle has happened again – the nation has taken a brand new Doctor to its heart.”

Danny Cohen, Director of BBC Television added: “It’s been an outstanding debut series for Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who and I’m very grateful to Peter, Steven Moffat and everyone involved.”

Moffat confirmed earlier this week that Peter Capaldi will definitely be returning as the Doctor next year.

What did you think of Season 8? Let us know below…

  • derek

    I do not like capaldi In my opinion the doctor is better young. Rather than old and season 8 was one of the worst seasons I have seen.the whole thing was to depressing.

  • susanall

    I didn’t like it much at all. It was a little boring and sometimes annoying.

  • fish8100

    Definitely one of my favourite Doctors. Some of the stories were dark but had good humor too. It also made me feel pretty tense in comparison with other series, which I think is great. I generally love Capaldi’s personality as the Doctor. Looking forward to more!

  • Sophie Claridge

    I did’nt like it much at all either. It did’nt have a great story arc and I expected much more. I hope the next series is better. Calpadi is’nt right for the role, he had a few good moments and storylines but I don’t like his dark, grumpy persona. Hope they do a better job with series 9 to make calpadi more likeable as the doctor.

  • donnie

    Hated it. Stopped watching after three episodes. I tried to like it.

    • Pat

      too bad. I disliked the first few episodes too but it got a lot better half way through the season.

  • Drez

    I liked peter as the doctor i just felt the episodes lacked direction it felt kinda scattered. The werid balancing act between story arc & random episodes.

  • Brad

    I don’t like it. Matt was the best.

  • Seth Chelf

    PCaps was great. The writers wrote shitty stories. The overall arc was a good idea but pulled off poorly. These season felt like what would have happened if Peter had taken the role a year before Chris Eccleston… it had that RTD era feel to it. Like not very visually stimulating like the first two Matt Smith series. Series 7 was alright but Claras I.G. arc was a bad arc.

  • l.ili

    Sory but I hare this season of doctor who…I tried really I tried to watch it but no…just no…storys are boring and something is missing…I don’t know what but that “think” that beought me to doctor who is missing

    • l.ili

      OMG…I just notice how many mistakes I made…

  • Guest101

    Capaldi is a great actor but hated this season of Dr Who. The stories were mediocre and couldn’t find a part of the doctor I liked. With previous Doctors, no matter how far out thier character was, there was always something I could connect to. Hoping for better next season

  • mollie

    do not like this new Doctor at all, He is so wrong for this role..I so wish Matt Smith would have stayed on at least for one more year, He will always be my Doctor..He was Amazing as the Doctor..He made you feel everything..I so miss him, I just can not get into this one..at all..

  • JH

    PC is MY DOCTOR! he is everything i have loved about doctor who! I have watched all of doctor who that is available on DVD of the classic, and all of NewWho… this is one of my favorite seasons (sherwood sucked)

  • Janet

    I liked how Series 8 went for a more character driven story. Hopefully, Series 9 will have those story arcs again, but Series 8 was overall good.

  • francine

    i hated this doctor. i thought he was terrible. i never thought i would ever be in the situation to force myself to watch Doctor Who, but, unfortunately, that’s what i found myself doing every week. The story-lines were dull and uneventful. the highlight of the whole season was when Matt Smith came back in the first episode.

  • Jason Randolph

    Loved series/season 8 and Capaldi is an awesome Doctor! I started watching the 2005 version (not the classic) and I hated every new Doctor, but they all grew on me after about half a season…. I liked Capaldi right from the start, right after his first “rant”. Can’t wait for season 9!

  • heavybeing

    Hated it at the beginning, loved it at the end. Capaldi is the Doctor.

  • Shona89

    The figures should stop all of the doomsayers. In fact if you add in the iplayer figures, there is no doubt this is the most watched series since 2005. A minority of people didn’t love series 8 but it didn’t stop people watching in droves. Look at how the Moffat penned episodes showed a spike in viewing and how many came back for the finale. I thought Capaldi was sensational from the get go but due to some poorer episodes like Kill the Moon and Forest of the Night, overall it didn’t quite top series 5 as the best of new Who but nipping at its heels. Series 9 has the potential to really be a classic if Moffat can tidy up some of the loose ends and get more control over the scripts. Capaldi is completely there as possibly the best doctor we have ever had but the show still has a few rough edges.

  • TCart

    He is the worst doctor since 2005, David Tennant all the way!

  • ronika

    capaldi’s good but scripts and most plots are just not up to scratch

  • Jeff

    Hated it, even I stopped watching.
    Bad stories, mismatched cast, and couldn’t understand half of what what’s his name was saying, and I speak Icelandic.

  • Hatchet

    Hope the fact that series 8 is the most watched series since 2005 ends up getting the publicity it deserves. Everyone worries about overnights when they are completely irrelevant now as so many people watch television at their own leisure.
    Series 8 was a complete success in every way and Peter Capaldi deserves all of the awards he will be getting over the next year as his doctor is superb. Definitely by some distance the best series since the reboot.