Sapphire & Steel: the planned remake is now dead

Plans were revealed back in 2015 for a television reboot of the much-loved show, Sapphire & Steel. Personnel were hired too, with Neil Cross – of Luther fame – hired to help develop the show.

However, little has been heard of the show since the news first came to light. And in a new interview, Cross has admitted that the project has now died a death.

“I was really excited about Sapphire & Steel”, he admitted. “I wrote a pilot that I was very proud of and excited by but it just never happened, it was one of those things, maybe if we had pitched it three or six months later, things would have been different but the brutal truth of Sapphire & Steel is that it was reinventing a show not enough people knew about”.

He also admitted the audience awareness was also working against the project.

“The audience for the original show was devoted but was very small and it was never repeated or on VHS so it unfortunately didn’t have the fan base for us to do the show”.

As such, chalk this up as one remake that’s not going to happen.