Star Trek: Discovery’s 2018 UK return date confirmed

The revival of small screen Star Trek, with the Netflix and CBS-backed Star Trek: Discovery, has been a raging success. The first season of the show, that’s taking a short break, has been a critical and commercial hit. So much so that season two of the show has already been ordered.

But what about the second part of the first season? There are still six more episodes of Discovery coming in early 2018, and they’re set to kick off – in the US at least – on January 7th 2018. It’s expected that the UK will follow suit.

UPDATE: It’s now been confirmed that Netflix will bring the show back in the UK from January 8th.

Season two, however, may take a little longer. Given the time it takes to make a series of the show, it’s not expected that the next series run will follow at the end of next year. Instead, no release date is being announced until the show is closer to locking down its new season.

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