Dave Gorman’s Modern Life Is Goodish returns this month

Dave (the channel) has confirmed the start date for the new series of Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish. The fifth series of the successful show – one of UKTV’s most successful commissions ever, as it happens – is scheduled to begin on October 31st at 10pm.

The new series will run for eight episodes, and will see Gorman mixing stand-up, storytelling and “real-world experimentation”.

To quote the official blurb:

In this series Dave takes to fatherhood in his usual spirit: playing tricks with singing toys, interrogating children’s TV characters, and messing with modern Monopoly. What does the term ‘generation’ really mean? Why does his Mum use emojis? Are “Life Hacks” really any help at all? All these questions and more, will be answered. Sort of. Along the way, Dave tests the merits of man versus machine, in all its life-like glory. Plus, he finds himself in a lucrative but compromising situation. Of course, no Modern Life Is Goodish would be complete without our host sifting through “the bottom half of the internet” for those real words by real people; digging out the ridiculous, opinionated and downright maddest reader comments to be found on the most frenzy-inducing newspaper articles for, what Dave likes to call, a Found Poem.

The first four series of the show have been made available on UKTV Play, if you fancy a look…