The Brittas Empire: now Chris Barrie suggests a revival

Early next month, the writer and cast of The Brittas Empire are reuniting to reopen the Ringwood Recreation Centre. This is the centre that doubled for the exterior and swimming pool scenes in the show, as we reported here.

However, in a new interview with Metro, the show’s title star, Chris Barrie, has suggested that a revival of the show may be back on the agenda.

“There’s a lot of momentum for this among the fans who mainly come and see me for Red Dwarf”, he said. He added that the team may use the forthcoming reunion as “a bit of a platform to try and do something”.

He then added of a Brittas revival that “they nearly did do it in 2015, but I think there’s so much momentum for it, now’s the time”.

We’ll keep you posted – but it sounds like if there is more news, it’s coming in October…