The Young Offenders series 2 has already been signed up

Having started life as a feature film just two years ago, The Young Offenders is turning into something of a fast success story.

Written and directed by Peter Foott, it’s recently debuted its first television series on BBC Three (taking the characters and actors from the original feature), with a new episode every week ahead of its BBC One debut this Friday. What’s more, now comes the news that even though the show has only just got going, a second series has already been ordered.

Six more episodes will go into production, telling more tales of Conor and Jock (Alex Murphy and Chris Walley), as we follow their coming of age story. Hilary Rose co-stars. There’s no timescale for series two as of yet, but it’s a fair bet the BBC has its eye on getting it into production this year.

You can catch up with The Young Offenders thus far on iPlayer.