Netflix releases provocative new teaser for David Fincher’s Mindhunter

Netflix has so far perfectly judged the marketing for David Fincher’s upcoming crime thriller, Mindhunter, and this latest teaser is no exception.

Still grim and tense, there’s some dark humour in this clip too, summarised by its title. Watch the new clip below.

Fincher, noted movie director, has helmed the double-episode premiere and finale episode of Mindhunter, which will make its streaming debut in the autumn. Since we got a brief first look at the show earlier in the year, we’ve been quite excited about Netflix’s upcoming crime show.

There are a few reasons for this. One that springs to mind is that the series was created by British writer Joe Penhall, who – besides a whole host of impressive theatre credits – penned Mark Strong-starring drama The Long Firm for the BBC back in 2004, and adapted Cormac McCarthy’s The Road for cinema in 2009.

Chief among them, though, is the person who’s executive producing the show, and will be directing the first two episodes and the 10-episode run’s finale. That’d be one David Fincher.

The idea of the man behind the camera on Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac and Gone Girl overseeing a TV crime drama is certainly an enticing prospect. Visually, the look of the trailer we’ve recently been treated to seems to adopt the distinctive filtered colour pallete of his cinematography, and as one of the executive producers, one can suspect that his stylistic marks will be all across the show.

Add in to the mix a period setting (1979), the show’s central conceit (the battle to establish psychological profiling as a legitimate tool of investigation), that it stars Jonathan Groff (Hamilton on Broadway, Glee, the voice of Kristoff in Frozen) and features Fringe’s Anna Torv, and we just have a whole host of reasons to tune in.

Now, we have news that we will be able to do just that on October 13th, when the show will hit the streaming network across the globe.

Anyway, here’s that atmospheric trailer. Enjoy.