Doctor Who: O Tannenbaum review

So that was Christmas and what have Big Finish done? They’ve created a story, as festive as they come.

Of course, Doctor Who‘s first (and only until the modern era) Christmas Special featured the First Doctor, and with his final tale set at the South Pole, we are used to picturing him trudging through a snowscape.

Accompanied here by just Steven Taylor, the pair are an interesting odd couple; we are used to having a young female companion with the Doctor, but the space pilot is a shade older and a touch more worldly wise and it Steven’s futuristic perspective which brings Anthony Keetch’s tale to life, with his confused thoughts on the festivities that have shifted from a religious festival to a secular celebration of life.

The story itself takes place in a non-specific snow covered wonderland, with a small family mystery and a little magic at the heart, as much in the world of fairy tale as it is sci-fi.

With narration by Peter Purves, who voices both Steven and a brilliant First Doctor, this is thoroughly festive, if fairly undemanding fare.

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