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‘The Fades’: Episode 1 review

‘This is a good idea with bad possibilities,’ one of the principal characters in BBC Three’s new pre-apocalyptic drama The Fades announces at the beginning of this opening episode, and it’s a fair summing up.

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 9 review

Like a chronic drunk stumbling through the streets after kicking-out time, Miracle Day has tripped over its own feet and staggered under its own weight so many times that its final collapse into a heap seemed inevitable.

‘The Field of Blood’: Episode 2 review

If the opening instalment of this likeable adaptation of Denise Mina's novel overdid the ‘80s retro and the Raintown-esque Glaswegian backdrops, the concluding part matches the wistful nostalgia with dark good humour and a seedy, side-street splendour.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Night Terrors’ review

Written by that practised purveyor of petrifaction, Mark Gatiss, ‘Night Terrors’ sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory summoned across the stars by an eight year old boy named George (Jamie Oram), who is terrified of... well, just about everything.