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‘Wonders Of The Universe’: Episode 1 review

Following on from 2010’s acclaimed Wonders Of The Solar System, Professor Brian Cox ramps up the expectation level with this new series, looking at the whole universe and its relation to us, our lives and the fundamental questions we have about our existence.

‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 6 review

"I don't care if they're one-legged dead hermaphrodites - I need sex, soon!" From the off, we always saw Alo as the subtle one: calm, respectable and mature... Yeah, right.

‘Mad Dogs’: Episode 4 review

Sky1's star-studded drama comes to an end for the four blokes suffering more than a simple case of mid-life crisis. But is it fun in the sun for the gang or just a bad case of sunstroke?

‘Marchlands’: Episode 5 review

With numerous loose ends and mysteries to tie up in the last episode of ITV1's supernatural drama, will Marchlands answer the questions we've all been pondering for the past four weeks?

‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 6 review

Following last week’s dark and intense instalment, things are a little lighter here. In a nicely written episode with a likeable new character, George faces up to some family issues, while the police begin to circle Mitchell.

‘Monroe’: Episode 1 review

The spectre of one of the great modern fictional TV doctors looms over Monroe like Banquo’s ghost haunting Macbeth, but Monroe isn’t House remade for the UK; it’s Cracker remade in a hospital - and that’s a good thing.

‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 5 review

Like Cook and Tony before him, each Skins generation’s alpha male character has always had a darker, more vulnerable side, but the first 15 minutes of Nick's centric episode suggest a character to whom keeping up appearances matters above all else.

‘Silk’: Episode 1 review

Reuniting Kavanagh QC writer Peter Moffat and one of the stars of his BAFTA-winning series Criminal Justice, Maxine Peake, BBC One’s sleek new legal drama is clearly aiming high as the latest in the channel’s production line of quality courtroom action.

‘Marchlands’: Episode 4 review

Whilst the previous instalment of ITV1's supernatural drama Marchlands stoked up the scares and chills, Episode 4 holds back on the jumps but fires up the mystery behind the titular house.

‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 5 review

After the exciting climax of last week’s episode, ‘The Longest Day’ sees things very much stripped back with a superb bottle episode. Nobody has to use their supernatural powers, but that doesn’t mean that nobody bares their fang.