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‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’: ‘Death Of The Doctor’ review

Bit of an odd one this. Half the audience will be overly excited at the prospect of Matt Smith’s Doctor dropping in on Sarah Jane and the gang, but there will also be a group that will be positively foaming at the mouth at the return of Jo Grant, a former companion of The Doctor,...

‘The First Men In The Moon’ review

Mark Gatiss is pretty much everywhere at the moment. There’s his unashamedly personal A History Of Horror series, an upcoming Poirot adaptation for Halloween, and this, his new version of HG Wells’ classic The First Men In The Moon.

‘Merlin’: Series 3 Episode 6 review

In this week's Merlin installment, ‘The Changeling’, Arthur finds that duty and true feelings may not necessarily be compatible in a country where warring kingdoms bring dangers and alliances must be strengthened by any means possible.