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‘The Bourne Legacy’ review

The Bourne Legacy is not game changing. It is, however, a well constructed action film with sufficient distance between itself and the original trilogy to enjoy in isolation.

‘Brave’ review

Though this somewhat slight film doesn’t quite hold up when compared to the Pixar classics, as a stand-alone venture Brave pretty much hits the mark.

‘Ted’ review

Much like a two-hour long episode of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane’s new offering Ted is a blend of the hilarious, the offensive and the downright lazy.

‘Lovely Molly’ review

A dedicated cast, authentic characterisation and a couple of genuinely terrifying moments lift Eduardo Sánchez’s horror from exploitative slasher into bone-jolting thriller.

‘The Innkeepers’ review

If you think the idea of someone with a sheet over their head in a haunted hotel is more laughable than scary then think again.

‘Killer Joe’ review

Killer Joe is on the comical end of the crime-drama spectrum. That said, comedy doesn't get much blacker than it does here.

‘The Pact’ review

An intriguing opening and a surprising finale cannot quite save The Pact from the tacky realms of ‘70s shlock horror.