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‘Primeval’: Series 3 DVD review

Pretender to the crown of Doctor Who and infinitely better than its ITV1 stable-mate Demons, Primeval is an entertaining Saturday night bit of fluff that fortunately doesn't take itself entirely seriously.

‘Battlestar Galactica’: The Final Season DVD review

Few, if any, television shows in recent years have achieved cult status on the same level as Battlestar Galactica. Although slowly rising from almost complete obscurity, it still never gained the mainstream popularity it so clearly deserved.

‘Columbo’: Season 9 DVD review

The redoubtable Peter Falk brought the world of television detectives to new heights as the raincoat clad, scruffy cigar chewing gumshoe Columbo in a series that spanned across four decades.

‘Supernatural’: Season 3 DVD review

Sam and Dean Winchester return for a third season as the brothers with a knack for invoking angry spirits that would be better kept under lock and key, as a death sentence hangs over one of them from the Season 2 finale.