‘Merlin’: ‘The Drawing of the Dark’ hints

The epic fifth series of fantasy drama Merlin continues on BBC One next weekend and Mordred finds himself torn between loyalty and love, but little does he realise that the path he chooses will shape Camelot’s destiny.

‘The Drawing of the Dark’ airs at 8.15pm on Saturday 15 December on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are ten hints for the episode…

» Much will be made of tracking skills.

» Who will help themselves to Gaius’ supplies?

» ‘What right have you to question me?’

» Expect analogies to both a bird and an insect.

» What is Merlin reported to have caught?

» Who will try to pass off a girl as a deer?

» ‘She is brazen!’

» There will be more hooded nocturnal wanderings from Camelot

» Who will soil both their own breeches and someone else’s?

» A timely punch will be delivered.

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