Video: Liam Neeson calls The Doctor in ‘Taken’/’Doctor Who’ mash-up

Doctor Who meets Taken in this brilliant crossover video, with Matt Smith’s Doctor receiving a surprise phone call from Liam Neeson’s retired CIA operative Bryan Mills.

Watch the video…

  • mehhh it… it was okay…. Not really worth the whole article, but I guess I get why you posted it.

  • Trevor Cutler

    Not enough to make sense.

  • as I expected, totally doesn’t work.
    FAIL at humor

    • Dana Butler

      Oh come on the last part had me chuckling

      • Kaliaila

        Yeah, the “I will kill you.” “No, not now I’m busy.” line was hilarious. middle is really the only part that doesn’t work well.

  • Tay

    what episode of Doctor Who is that again?

    • Trem

      The first episode with Clara as his full time companion.

    • Theta Sigma

      Bells of St. John

  • U Mad Bro?

    That uh….that really, um…sucked.

  • Cpt. Jack Harkness

    Not sure what everyone’s problem is, I found it quite good!