Peter Capaldi climbing inside fan’s mini TARDIS is adorable – watch!

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi was so impressed with a young fan’s TARDIS earlier this week that he climbed inside to pose for a photo.

Perhaps unintentionally recreating a scene from 2014’s ‘Flatline’ episode, the actor enthusiastically squeezed into the wardrobe, which he described as “brilliant”. Capaldi also took the time to sign the TARDIS door for the fan.

He joked: “There’s moths in here! And old socks!”

Watch the video, thanks to @georgebaker26 on Twitter…

The second block of filming for Season 10 continued this week in Newport, with Capaldi and Pearl Mackie spotted on location outside Fields House, which was previously used in ‘Blink’.

The new season will air on BBC One in spring 2017.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

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  • russell

    Different actors play the same part. Hamlet being the most obvious. But where we would expect Holmes or Bond to display or share the same character traits ( hit the same beats ), once again, The Doctor, is more unique than that. Some might say that he is always written the same way; yet the actor in the role embodies him. Is his own special version. ” Hooray, for Peter Capaldi.” A gentleman amongst gentlemen. And a true Doctor if ever there was one…What memories those children will have. Please don’t go anywhere else in a hurry Peter. You’re only just beginning to get your feet warm under the table: more youngsters must grow up knowing such a wonderful telly hero!

  • Dr. Moo

    Complete legend in every possible way. He’s always doing nice stuff for fans and going the extra mile for them. I can only imagine the generous things he does that we will never get to hear about. Once again Peter has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Rich Clayton

    a lovely man who goes the extra mile for his fans no other Doctor did this i started watching Doctor who in 1975 and i have to say Capaldi is my Doctor i hope he stays for a few more series

  • Terri Stevens

    There is a great picture of David Tennant coming out of a premier. There was this kid interviewing different stars but David was the only person to kneel down to the kids level to be interviewed. All the others hovered over him and spoke down to him. I think Doctor Who attracts actors who are awesome with children. Just the way they should be!

    • Bryan Meyers

      Don’t forget that Tennant always wanted to be the Doctor growing up. Hope he inspires this in the younger generations 🙂 Always room for more Doctors!

      • Terri Stevens

        He actually was on the radio and got a call from a young 10 year old boy who told him that he wanted to be an actor and play the Doctor someday because he admired David and his Doctor so much. David was near tears because he saw himself feeling the same way at about the same age. He felt like he was talking to his younger self through this little boy. I know it is on YouTube if anyone wanted to see it.

  • Sybil Disobedience

    Love him!

  • Risa Romano

    I love Capaldi and his variation of the Doctor. He’s not my FAVORITE Doctor on screen, but he’s possibly my favorite in off screen fan interactions. He seems most like the Doctor. It’s clear he’s been wanting this and training for this for years. More than any of the other actors to play the Doctor I think I’d have a full meltdown if I met him.