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‘Sherlock’ star Andrew Scott’s 5 best projects

Andrew Scott is very much in demand right now. Most well-known to the general public for his award-winning role as Jim Moriarty in BBC One’s Sherlock, he is an actor with impressive versatility, a formidably talented reputation, and a firm fan following. > Buy the complete Sherlock Season 1-3 boxset on Amazon. Scott has some … >

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5 theories on why the ‘Sherlock’ special is set in 1895

It’s not long now until the much-anticipated tenth instalment of Sherlock arrives on our screens! Earlier this year the official promo pic of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Victorian era Holmes and Watson sent the internet into a frenzy, while the first footage from the special itself caused something of a meltdown. > Buy … >

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Mrs Hudson’s 5 best moments in ‘Sherlock’

Mrs Hudson is the kind of person everybody should have in their life. Sweet, caring, gentle – and perfectly capable of looking after herself, thank you very much. She may look harmless, but Mrs Hudson takes no nonsense. > Buy the complete Season 1-3 boxset on Amazon. She is fiercely protective of her boys and … >

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