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10 ‘Torchwood’ monsters that should appear in ‘Doctor Who’

It’s now been five years since Torchwood was last seen on TV. With the team’s adventures having recently moved to the audio medium it looks like we shouldn’t expect the show to return to our screens anytime soon. But if Jack and his Woodies (Torchies? Jack-ettes?) aren’t coming back, that doesn’t mean their enemies shouldn’t. A … >

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5 of Will Smith’s best dramatic roles

Rising to fame in the ’90s with the likes of hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and sci-fi comedyMen in Black, Will Smith is predominantly known for his comedic roles. This is short-sighted, however, as in the following two decades – during which his star has impressively never really waned – Smith has also shown a talent for … >

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5 actresses who nearly played ‘Doctor Who’ companions

It was recently revealed that the Doctor Who production team auditioned 70 actresses for the part of new companion Bill, which of course eventually went to Pearl Mackie. Assuming a similar number were looked at for previous companions, multiplied by how many of them there have been over the past fifty or so years, and that … >

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Why we hope Rakhee Thakrar is the next ‘Doctor Who’ companion

Doctor Who fans are currently in that exciting, nail-biting time between the previous companion having left and the new one being announced. Right now, there a few actresses (despite the rumour of a male companion, it seems the mould ain’t broke so there’s no need to fix it) linked with filling Jenna Coleman’s place at Peter … >

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5 ‘Doctor Who’ spin-offs that almost happened

With no new Doctor Who this year, we’re all resting on upcoming spin-off Class to provide us with our regular slice of wholesome Whoniverse entertainment. As you probably know, Doctor Who has had two spin-off series before Class: CBBC’s family-friendly The Sarah Jane Adventures and BBC Three/Two/One’s adult-orientated Torchwood. > Buy the complete The Sarah Jane Adventures box set … >

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5 best bits from the worst ‘Doctor Who’ episodes

For a show as beloved as Doctor Who, its fans aren’t half critical of it. Several episodes during the modern era have being crucified for falling short of the expected level of quality. Every season has (hopefully only) one of them. Those episodes that, shall we say, underperform in the post-season polls. For Season 9, … >

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